Sunday, September 12, 2010

School has started..Thank goodness for labor day!

 So as everyone knows school has started..meaning the stress is on! Some people have told me the 2nd year of the nursing program isn't as bad as the first year but I don't know if I can believe that yet. This school year started out a little crazy, but I am hoping it will get better. So much information to give us students in such a small amount of time! Too much reading!! That is one of the many things Jesse and I have in common..we both don't like reading. Jesse is still busy at work. We don't get our evenings completely together now-like we did all summer-since I have to do homework but I still can't complain. We are trying to get up early some morning and exercise so we can just relax together in the evenings!

Thank goodness there was the great Labor Day holiday that we could have a long weekend and go up to the cabin at bear lake. It is always very relaxing to be able to stay there. It wasn't quite boating weather-a little too chilly for that. We were able to go four wheeling. Jesse's Dad, Scott, took us on an adventure up Hodges Canyon and Jesse says was a bit dangerous and I agree but it was exciting as well! A little risk taking climbing up a stream most the time, watching the side by side tilted on 2 wheels, and Jesse rolling the four wheeler-he is just fine though! :) 

Our bike rides with the whole gang down to the park are always enjoyable as well!

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