Monday, August 29, 2016

Away from home

These last few weeks flew by with us being gone so much! We first went to San Clemente and camped on the beach with Grandma Eddy (Lezlee) and her daughters Candace and Mckenna (Burnell). My Dad wasn't able to go because of work but originally they had planned it as a family vacation. Candace, Curtis, and Vince came to our house Sunday and then we drove together to San Clemente State beach on Monday. I might be a little crazy for camping with 3 kiddos 4 and under but I don't like to miss out of fun for me and them. They did surprisingly well with the sleeping part so I can't complain. Monday night we had some partiers which my kids slept through but I didn't as well. Tuesday night we had skunks hang out around our camp but thankfully didn't spray and I woke up Wednesday morning with 100's of ants in our tent haha Sadly Gavin got a really bad diaper rash there from food I believe he ate just irritated it plus sand in his diaper wasn't a good combo! Going down to the beach with 3 little ones (especially a baby) can be rough though with how much you have to pack down and bring back up but I would for sure do it again! We all had fun and memories were made and that is what is important to me! They loved jumping waves, catching little crabs in there buckets, and eating smores (thats what Corbin said his favorite things were). On the way home Wednesday it took us a couple extra hours besides the road got shut down because of a big fire and I was grateful Candace and Curtis were with me as I drove up a mountain on whindy road and didn't feel like I knew where I was at all! ha And Mikaela pooped 4 times in the way home so that made for more stops then planned.
Thursday we woke up early and drove to Utah. My kids actually did surprisingly well in the car (they weren't the best on the way to Cali) they must know to be better when I am all by myself. We were all excited to go to Utah though (like we always are) but it went by so fast because I was busy helping my mom gets things ready Thursday evening and all of Friday. Friday at 9:00 pm Matt came home from his mission! Pretty exciting time! We are so glad he is back home and safe and served a good 2 year mission in South Korea! So proud of him!
Saturday we spent the day preparing for Sunday-shopping and making food. Then going out with the family to dinner together! Sunday was all day with the family-I always love to see my extended family, definitely doesn't happen as often anymore! Papa Oram was so good with entertaining the kids the whole weekend!
Monday we drove down to St. George but stopped in Beaver and ate lunch and had ice cream (we had ice cream a lot this trip lets just say), then stopped in Kolob Canyon to do a little hike(gorgeous views). Tuesday we went to Zions and Courtney and I took the 6 kids on a hike up Emerald pools. We got a few stares thinking we were crazy, some saying way to go, and we got asked if we were twins a few times, and we don't doubt that some maybe thought we were lesbians haha! Gavin was running ahead most of the time and did not run out of energy. Corbin was saying he was tired 100 yards into it but then once we were in the shade he did well till the very end again where him and Ella were drained. 
Jesse came up Tuesday night and had dinner with us then Wednesday morning the boys went golfing and we went to Sand Hollow in the afternoon! I love that place--because like I have said its like a mini lake powell and the weather was pleasant and water was warm!
 We ended up staying an extra day because they (my mom, matt, and Christopher) were suppose to hike the Narrows Tuesday but the flood warnings were too high so they did it Thursday instead. We took the kids to the park, lunch, then the splash pad. So I felt like we were go go go all week long (kinda how I like it though)