Saturday, September 29, 2012

4 months

4 months! crazy! I think I can say overall he is a happier baby and we are doing much better! I feel like at around 15 weeks he started improving all around. And Im lovin it! Of course he still has his bad days and moments because he is a baby...
His 4 months stats: height 24 inches 19%, weight 15 lbs 52%, head 17 inches 81%. So he might just be a short baby with a big head! But I'll take it cause I sure think he is cute! I also think that his big head and short body make him look a little chubbier...and of course when his neck disappears and double chin comes out! Gotta love a chubby baby! :)
He is sleeping much better which of course is wonderful! At 16 weeks he started sleeping around 8-9 hours and usually would eat and then go back to bed for another hour or so. (but of course is up early) His naps are still inconsistent, somedays he does really well but most the time he sleeps 30 minutes. And when I say 30 minutes, it is right on the minute...its crazy! But this past week he got a little cold-I got it first then Jesse and I think he had/has it as well. His better sleeping went to every 4 hours or so again and one night he woke up every 3 hours-not too fun! I am hoping the set back of sleeping has been because he hasn't felt the best and it will go right back to his longer hours of sleeping at night.
He smiles all the time! and I absolutely love when he laughs! The first time Jesse heard him laugh was one morning while I was still in bed half awake and Jesse was hanging out and playing with Corbin before he went to work. Jesse yelled for me from the other room to make sure I heard his cute little laugh as well! I just love his little giggles! Hope they become more frequent! He can also go from smiling to crying in a split second-wont ever understand that.
I am still bad at doing tummy time because every time I do it he just spits up all over but he has rolled over to his back quite a few times but he is not consistent at it. I don't think the spit up will end anytime soon we both still will have it all over our clothes. My mom once thought I just had flour all over me... 
He can now entertain himself for a while which is nice so I can get a few things done while he lays on the ground. He also sits in his bumbo now and I think likes to change it up from his rocker. I finally got him a few little toys because he has started to grab and hold onto things and of course stick them in his mouth! especially my hair-I have thought about cutting it not only because he's always grabbing it but also because its falling out like crazy and its gross! He has become quite the chatter box and I love hearing him just talk away! It's the cutest thing. Can't tell you how much I love this little boy!
pictures from the last month.
There is something about a baby in there jammies that I love...
I think it is the cutest thing that he sucks him thumb all the time!
He is officially sleeping only in the crib, even though these pictures are all in the bassinet.
His poor hair-he has been rubbing it off in the back.
Big boy shoes on.
He has his tongue out a lot.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Temple and Fair

Did I mention I love Thursdays?! :) This last one was one of my favorites! We had fun filled day with the 3 of us!
In the morning we went to the Brigham City Temple open house! I have been wanting to go and was glad we were able to. The temple is beautiful! Corbin was perfect there and didn't give us any problems besides he does get heavy carrying him after a while. 
That afternoon we headed down to Salt Lake and went to the Utah State Fair! Why have I never been there before? Go! If you have never been before! We had so much fun walking around and looking at all the stuff-the different booths, artwork, and animals! (no rides, they would make me so sick!) And it was half off to get in on Thursday! But we still somehow spent a good amount of money there-just having too much fun!

I rode this thing twice it was so much fun!
these two were cool art work I thought, the one on the left is made out of all butter!...
something about pigs that I love, especially the piglets!
There was a particular tent we was samples of tons of different food that was delicious!- it was much better then walking around sam's club/costco! ha ha 
we watched the rodeo for a while
and one of my favorite small bands-PARACHUTE were there doing a free concert! I felt like a teenage girl when I went to the very front! ha! It was a bit too loud for Corbin so we stayed in the back, he didn't know what to think about all the loud music so we didn't stay around too long.
And of course you can't leave the fair without eating a little fair food some corn and funnel cake! It made me just a bit sick...
And there was a little firework show right before we left...I love fireworks! :)
One Great Day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It was Jesse's Birthday on the 28th of August. He turned 27...crazy weird. He had to work...big boy job-can't get work off for your birthday. We were at least able to spend the evening and night together. We went shopping for a bit then went out to eat with (my sister) Brooke and Eria. Brooke's birthday is on the 28th as well! We came home late and had some chocolate cake. Felt bad that we couldn't celebrate more...but next year for his Golden Birthday hopefully we will be able to do a little more! But I don't know if I will be able to top his gift! Those glasses in the picture below are going to be gone sometime this winter cause Jesse is gettin lasix! :) 

So I mention that we got it from the Of Love Tennis Tournament...we didn't quite win it, but a 18 year old boy did. I joked with Jesse after that he should go tell the kid he will buy it from him. He of course thought that was silly. But being the person I am (which sometimes I think I embarrass Jesse) I decided I might as well go ask him jokingly and see was he says. So I went up to him and said "Hey, my husband will buy the lasix from you...ha ha" and he immediately said "ok!" and I was like are you we walked over to Jesse and we didn't have any money on us or a check at the time. He then offered to just give it to us because he had no use for it. We felt way too bad just taking it. He gave us his number and Jesse met up with him and gave him $300 for it....I don't think the kid knew how much it was actually worth to be honest but $300 was better to him then a certificate to get lasix...which is worth $4400!! We were actually planning on putting money towards lasix for Jesse for his birthday this year, because he is going blind! It worked out quite well! So sometimes it's a good thing that I do embarrassing things... :) Thank you kind kid...I don't even know his name. And Thank you Ardene Bullard for the Tennis Tournament! We are very grateful!
Corbin might have eaten daddy's birthday donuts right before the picture on the

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor day weekend we started it out early and went up to a Cabin in Eden Wednesday night. We won a two night stay at a nice cabin from the Of Love tennis tournament last year that the Bullard's put on every year now. (And I might add that we did manage to get lasix for Jesse this year from the same tournament...that story is for another time.)
Anyways my Mom, brother Matt and Jesse and I went up late Wednesday night and just hung out and relax and watched a movie. Jesse got up early Thursday morning and did 18 holes of golf with his buddies at the golf course up there.
 My sister Courtney and nephew Max came down and we all headed to Pineview Lake and hung out at the beach and jet skied a bit! I finally decided to put Corbin in his swim suit and now its a bit tight around his chubby belly. I still have not taken him swimming yet but no rush I wasn't going to get him in the cold dirty water.. Maybe next summer now if we don't swim again. Corbin wasn't a huge fan of the beach after a while but I think it was because he was not taking naps very well and he was tired--always fighting his naps! But we still had a good time!
We went back to the cabin and made dinner and then started watching the BYU game...I didn't even last the 1st quarter-I will sleep whenever I can especially if someone else is taking care of Corbin-I fell asleep before he did! :)
 Friday we went back to the lake and some of Jesse's family met us there and we hung out at the beach and did a little jet skiing and boating! I was pretty exhausted after tubing! Shows that I am a little out of shape still. I love boating though! :)
Saturday my sister Candace had a race up by Utah State so I went up there with my sisters and mom and watched her, went out to lunch, then canned the rest of the day! We had a lot of tomatoes! We made spaghetti sauce and salsa for about 7 hours! And we still had a bunch of tomatoes left over so I have been slowly making more and made some tomato soup to freeze....and still have more tomatoes!
It was a good weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 months

Corbin was 3 months on August 25th...I am a little behind. It has gone by fast but also kind of long. I guess I will finally admit (even though I do not want to) that Corbin has not been the easiest baby so far. He is definitely helping me learn and grow. Wish someone would have given me more of a warning for what to expect! ha- I just have to keep reminding myself that Heavenly Father only gives me what I can handle...even if it's very challenging sometimes, I can do it! I sure do love my little Corbin so I don't want to come off negative about him. 
I think being a first time Mom is a challenging thing but also a wonderful thing. But I just can't be one of those moms that can say...I have such a good easy baby or he sleeps so well..etc. I wish I could. :) I feel that is what you hear from a lot people and it makes me feel like I am the only one who is struggling sometimes. I also tend to feel like everything is my fault and I am a failure of a mom..I worry too much that I am doing something wrong or I need to be doing something better. I know it is silly and I shouldn't but it's hard not to take the blame when you are taking care of this little child. These are some of the challenges we have had so far that I am learning and growing from...I think I need to remember them for journaling purposes to remind myself (and others) that its OK and normal for babies to be challenging but I can do it! (once again I am not trying to just look at the negative...)
  • He had a horrible diaper rash right after he was born that I worried too much about. (which I think was from the antibiotic I had to take and I made myself feel bad that it was my fault-silly of me) 
  • Breast feeding was stressful from the beginning wondering if he is getting enough or if something I eat bothers him. (which again then blamed myself if he was unhappy...silly)
  • A baby with reflux and not knowing what's wrong is hard and sad to see. I wrote a list down to let the doctor know how he was acting which consisted of: Squirming, uncomfortable, gagging/choking, waking up crying/crying in sleep, spits up while eating and continues till next feeding, stiff/arching of back, sleeps poorly, etc. (This list makes me sad to think about how he used to always be) 
  • The first 6 weeks of his life I was up every 2 hours around the clock to feed and he was taking a good 40 minutes-that is hard especially since I have always been one that needs my sleep.
  • He got a temperature from his 2 months shots and had to get a bunch of testing done to make sure nothing else caused him to have the temperature-which seeing him getting all those test done was sad and hard. catheterized at 2 months....I don't think anyone wants that.
  • He still struggles with taking naps...he is good with 30 minute cat naps he thinks..but then can be quite the grumpy boy. I am really hoping he will get better. It makes it near impossible to "sleep when the baby sleeps" I think I might be tired the rest of my life...but it's worth it!
Anyways, basically its just hard to see your baby unhappy. You want them to be happy and content and I have to remind myself that its not possible for them to be all the time! And I will gladly take these struggles I have had over many other worse things. I am grateful to have a healthy baby boy! And a very cute one I will add.. :) I love being his mommy! It's crazy how your priorities in life completely change and you care so much about your child and want them to be happy!

Corbin is growing fast! (Surprise!) It was hard for me to put all the clothes he is growing out of away. It is so fun to start seeing him do cute little things now. I love the funny faces he gives me and a few people have even said he has a cute sad face...and I must say it is cute but heartbreaking he basically can get whatever he wants when he gives it to me...ha! I love getting him to smile! I found out one day as I was eating a sandwich that it made him smile every time I took a bite so now we just make chomping faces at him and he smiles away! He sucks his thumb but struggles getting it in his mouth sometimes...he has woken up with a few scratches on his face!...He definitely loves to eat as you can tell! I swear he could be either eating or sucking on his binky or thumb all day long...he always wants something in his mouth. And I still think he looks so sweet when he sleeps! I think I always will.

And of course a bunch of random pictures the last little while!
July 28-hanging out in our pjs!
August 6-A little tummy time
August 7-nakey time after a bath
August 10-faces
August 11-watching mama get ready
August 14-happy day
August 15-sucking on his fingers...all the time!
August 17-attempting to take a nap in the crib...didn't last long.
august 21-sucking his thumb and nappin in swing
August 22-caught him saying a prayer
August 23-ready to hang out by the pool
August 25-three months old!