Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 months

I don't know why but I get a little anxiety thinking about Corbin being one. Maybe the fact that he is not a "baby" so much anymore when you reach one? so being 10 months of course is that much closer... 
The week he turned 9 months his personality exploded! for good...and for bad. He can be quite the funny boy-mostly his face expression crack me up! He jabbers quite often and lately he has been doing this whisper talk-that usually sounds like da ta ta ta da da. Another thing I think is cute because he is my child. 
He LOVES to stand up on anything he can! Since he learned how to he tries to stand up on everything! He LOVES to just crawl all over Jesse and I. Just back and forth as we lay on the ground-over my legs, stomach, chest, or head-back and forth. He likes to wrestle-basically have me roll around with him. He also loves to crawl up the stairs now and is quite proud of himself and likes makes sure I am watching him. He is still getting the hang of/learning to being able to go back down and he getting better at it but still tries to go headfirst sometimes. We hang out on the stairs a lot lately. 
He enjoys taking clothes out of the drawers or the DVDs off the shelf..and sometimes I just allow him to do it because I am happy that he is entertained! He also has learned to throw things-the joy of this stage of throwing everything... He loves balls-he will hold them and crawl around with them or just throw them of course. He is definitely a boy. 
He loves to explore and crawl all over the house. He crawls on all fours now but still army crawls when he wants to-either way he can get places pretty fast. He is a lot more active now and still just wants me just to sit and watch him play. I thought since now that he can "play" a little more that I would be able to get a few more things done but he still likes me right by his side..or he is crawling up my leg.
My boy loves food! Always has and probably always will...If he sees you eating he wants what your eating! At least he is not a picky eater, for now. When we go to Sam's Club and if he sees someone eating a sample I better find something he can eat because he knows how to throw a little fit now...oh boy! I plan on sweeping up cheerios everyday because he enjoys eating finger foods. He likes to try to feed himself and he is pretty good at it when it comes to finger foods but makes it complicated with other foods! I am still breastfeeding him and he still loves it...
He sadly has been teething a lot lately and it has not been the most fun for us. I feel so bad for him. It seems like these ones (the 2 front teeth) are bothering him a lot more than his other teeth. He now has 6 teeth that are either through or just popping through...And he knows how to bite! :S
And of course can't forget the photo dump of the last month now.
Still enjoying that humidifier..I finally took it out.
love my boys
I stopped him before he emptied the whole drawer
crawling all over daddy
Let him feed himself=quite the mess
He loves cheerios
giving me one of his goofy faces
and then a sweet face
loved hiking
The tongue comes out quite often..
He enjoyed the swings
At the Park with his cousins
teething boy and an orange peel...I didn't want him to choke so I had to take it away.
much better way to eat the orange.
enjoying the springtime weather
we love when daddy comes home
something about the bathroom he loves
and something about the bum that I love
green smoothie stach
And it is just a bit difficult to get a monthly picture now (well I said that last month too)...can't get this boy to sit and smile for me. Just sitting in this chair for long enough to take a picture is hard enough. So I push him back, tickle him, and hurry and snap a picture and this is what I get. :) I'll take it!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Testing my limits

Seriously this just happened!! Venting session is about to begin..
A green smoothie splattered EVERYWHERE! and glass.. (these pictures don't do justice)
yeah..its a bummer no matter what when this kind of stuff happens but I had just about reached my limits right before this happened...I was tired and exhausted not only because Corbin has been fussy the last couple days (I think because he is teething) He basically hasn't stopped crying or fussing when we are home mostly because he refuses to sleep which doesn't help the situation at all (why wont my child sleep?!)..and the fact that I had just ran 13.5 miles that morning and that just makes you quite tired. So..both didn't make this lovely situation better for me at the time.

I thankfully was able to keep my cool and just stood there in shock for a second and didn't know what to be more upset with..(but really just wanted to cry)
--The fact that I had just got done cleaning the kitchen!and there was now green smoothie splattered EVERYWHERE in my kitchen ( I know I am going to find splatters of it for the next week in random places) and I had just opened the drawer and grabbed another rag to finish cleaning the stove and left it slightly opened, and it spilled into the drawer, so now most of my rags and towels are stained with green... (it has stained all of Corbin's bibs so most likely will leave a lovely stain on all the rags)
--or the fact I had just deep cleaned the kitchen floor the day before.
--or.. like I mentioned I was tired and exhausted and hungry..and now my lunch was gone. all that food wasted and gone! :( and one of my favorite glasses for my smoothies was now shattered as well.)

and just so I don't think later "you are stupid to put a glass of smoothie by your child on the counter"..it was not within his reach and I made sure it wasn't because I know better but I didn't know he can take off his tray and then whack the smoothie off the counter. seriously I think I should retire the bumbo and no more sitting on the counter-he is right about there to not being able to fit into it. Sitting in his high chair for now....he just wont enjoy it since he wont be by me. (not that I am completely blaming him for this mess)

and all I really wanted was to lay down and relax and rest just a bit! (without a crying baby)
Did I mention everything is more dramatic when your tired and exhausted! ;)
Thats why you document it, so you can look back at it and laugh about it!...oh the many more messes to come with raising a child! :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

3 years and counting

Jesse and I were able to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and spend the whole day together on Wednesday! I must say it was one great day and Jesse said it was near to the perfect day! Last year, to be reminded, he was away for school in Japan on our anniversary but we still did at least get to celebrate it together when he got home! 
We were able to go to the temple in the morning while Jesse's Mom watched Corbin for us.

We came home and put Corbin down for a nap and took a short naps ourselves. Then we took a quick trip up Adams Canyon and went on a small hike. Once you got into the canyon there was still quite a bit of snow so it was a little too dangerous carrying Corbin. But it was PERFECT weather for a little hike! Such a beautiful day. We were talking about how crazy it was the same day of the year we got married when it was an absolute blizzard on our wedding day! More memories we say. ha!
Corbin loved the hike! He loved being carried in our new hiking carrier thing! (don't know the real name for it) I am glad he liked it so we can go many more times! :)
That night we were able to have my Mom watch Corbin as we were able to go out on a little date to PFchangs! and it was delicious...we haven't been there for a while and it was a good choice! And of course Jesse surprised me with some beautiful flowers to enjoy the next couple weeks! :)
These 3 years have been amazingly wonderful together! :)