Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time with the Tokanangs

Party and Zoo Time that is.
It was my sister Brooke's kid's Birthdays this past month or so with Eli turning 3 and Garrett turning 1! We decided to throw them a little birthday party and had family and a few friends come to celebrate for both of them! Eli has been obsessed with Angry birds lately and Brooke wanted Garrett to have a "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme so we combined a little of both and I just made the invitation on my computer.
Eli was pretty excited and when people walked in he would let them know it was his Angry Birds party and he had a Angry Birds cake.
Most of the time we just let the kids just play around and opened up gifts.
My Mom made this adorable blanket for Garrett and I am attempting one for Corbin right now..
Corbin loved the balloons and just crawl all over the place to try to get them!
And my Mom enjoys playing with Corbin's hair way too much!
Corbin also just loved the balls and would hold it in one hand and crawl around with it.

I made a little smash cake for Garrett with the Hungry Caterpiller-Jesse happen to work a little later that night so I had some extra time after I put Corbin down and decorated the cake! (We attempted to make a Hungry Caterpillar cake ball display thing but it fell apart in the car on the way there.. :( )
And then Brooke and I (mostly Brooke) made an Angry Birds pinata which turned out quite well! And Eli of course loved it!

On Wednesday, Brooke and I decided to take advantage of the sunny weather (and finally get some vitamin D) and enjoy free Zoo day! Eli had never been to the zoo so he was pretty excited. We had a great time even though a lot of the animals were not out but we were able to see plenty and enjoy the fun outing together!
The monkeys
Elephants weren't out.... :(
The seals-which was new since last time I went.
Polar bear...also new to me.
The brown bear
And my favorite-The giraffes!
Corbin seemed to enjoy it!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Update on life lately

I thought I would do a little update on how our lives have been lately...which is nothing too exciting or entertaining but needs a little "journaling" from me.
Well Jesse is still working hard for our family at Camping World. I am beginning to know how it feels to be a housewife and mother in the real world now-as far as I feel like he is quite busy between work and getting things done around the house and trying to get everything he needs to get done on his day off etc. etc. Busy man he is...or at least lately I feel like he is quite busy. And maybe the fact that the RV show just ended yesterday, those make for very long exhausting days for him-not getting home till around 11 each night. I think he is starting to get a little sick of the longer commute he has from Kaysville to Draper every day-especially with coming home that late at night and the fact that he hit a deer on the freeway the other day. Yikes. It was a bit scary for him. And I guess I shouldn't say completely hit a deer because a car in front of him hit it and then the deer hit the front of his car and he ran right over the thing! We still don't know what damage it did to our car but hoping that we got lucky and nothing will be wrong with it. Anyways we are pretty lucky to have Jesse as a hardworking husband and father! 
As far as a little update on me..its mostly just Corbs and I hanging out at home a lot together. I must say I am getting better at it-as in I use to have a really hard time staying home day after day with just the two of us because I have always enjoyed getting out and socializing and just doing things. And I definitely still like to get out and need to but I now can find myself entertained and busy at home! And the fact that Corbin is now mobile he keeps me entertained and busy cleaning! ;)
Jesse and I were working in the Primary together teaching the 6-8 year olds. We were enjoying being with each other for the full 3 hours of church and it was fun teaching those smart kids. But I just got a new calling as the Laurel adviser. A little intimidating for me. A part of me feels like I am still young enough to be in Young Womens and I can't teach those girls! But I think I am really going to enjoy it and I am excited for it!
I guess I can finally admit that I guess I am training for another marathon come this May-Ogden Marathon. My mom talked me into it again. I have been in denial that I am actually going to train for another one even though I signed up and paid for it but I guess I really am doing it now-most likely. ha I don't know how this one will go. It's so much harder training with a baby-especially when your breastfeeding. Finding the time and energy is definitely a struggle. And I will admit that I run once a week on Saturdays if the weather will cooperate with us. Pretty pathetic training I would say that is. So basically I don't have high expectations of myself-its just for fun. Which is funny saying "just for fun" because I don't necessarily love running but I do love running with my Mom and other people! :) Just ran 12 miles on Saturday and you feel so accomplished after-that's what keeps me going.
Lately I have been trying to eat healthier and make smarter decision with food and exercising and I can say I have been able to feel the difference and I am enjoying it. I have been trying to eat more raw foods especially fruits and veggies. Corbin and I eat a green smoothie just about every day now and I can't say at first I loved the taste and enjoyed them but the more I have made them the more addicting they have become-and not because they taste any better but because they make me feel better! So as a family we would like to try to eat more whole foods and raw foods-try being the key word because you can't take away the sweets and good stuff from us! ha! :) I will continue to go out to eat and eat whatever I want but more of the day to day we will aim towards being healthier in that way. Hope I can keep it up!

Just a few random pics of us lately. I forget to takes pictures of all of us..or Corbin with me or Jesse so most of our pictures are of jus Corbin..hopefully I will get better.
      Corbin and I went with my family and checked out Scheels last week when we were down in Draper taking family pictures with 62 Eddys! Interested to see how that big picture turned out. It was good to see all my extended family for the weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I sure love my little family! Corbin and I sure do love Daddy! Just a few pictures to enjoy on this day of LOVE! haha (Sometimes I enjoy being a little cheesy.. (; )