Friday, January 25, 2013

Corbin is 8 months

Wow another month older! And every day he getting more fun to be around. Despite that fact that he was basically sick this whole last month he really is a smiley boy! Thank goodness! :) My new favorite thing he does is he gives these big cheeser smiles! I think they are the cutest thing. He scrunches up his nose and has this huge grin on his face. I can't capture it as well on camera though. He has definitely grown up this last month with doing new things! He jabbers all the time. He can stand up as long as he is holding something but still is a bit unsteady so I have to be close by. He started army crawling the week he turned 7 months. He doesn't go too far but he can definitely get to what he wants if its close by! But then again with all his rolling and the army crawling he can end up on the complete opposite side of the room. He will play on the ground with his toys for a while now-as long as he can see me. He always wants what I have.. "my toys" but I think thats how all kids are! He loves my phone, always wants the camera, and is constantly after any cords that are laying around. He still puts everything in his mouth-will that ever stop? And I think this last week I can feel the first bottom tooth coming in. I have had multiple people tell me they think he is teething since he was like 2 months old! So I think he might be finally getting one in! (I was in no rush for them to come in-and still am not) He still pulls my hair like crazy-I don't know why he likes it so much. I tend to wear it up in a bun now when we are home and he still tries to get a hold of it! He still loves food and will eat anything I offer him. I feed him mostly what we are eating because he just wants what we have! His newest trick is drinking through a straw! He loves the "green smoothies" I make and will just gulp them down! I don't mind because sometimes I don't enjoy them as much as he does! ha. I am sadly still up with him at least once a night...I am beginning to think I will never get uninterrupted sleep again. Thats just being a mom! And I love being this boy's mom! :) 
We might have taken quite a few pictures this last month but you can't blame us when we have been home day after here is the photo dump.
loves his new toy
basically how he always sweet
Favorite new toy to suck on-light up dinosaur
Hanging out with Grandpa Eddy
Helping Daddy
standing up like a big boy
He wants me to pick him up...always
I don't know why his hair looks so orange-red there? lighting..
He opens up real big and then is quite happy with himself!
He holds on to me now to make sure I don't leave him.
Helping me clean the blinds...then I broke them...opps!
This is what I see when he wakes up and I walk into the room.
He actually can't stand up in his crib by himself yet..good thing.
attempting a photo with him...
and trying to take his 8 month picture...silly boy
And I am done mom...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I forgot to write a little something about Jesse and getting his lasik! I don't know if I was more excited or if he was but I know he sure appreciates it now! :) I think he might of been a little worried before the surgery/procedure whatever you would call it-you just never know what could happen! It was a quick 10 minute thing that Corbin and I watched and basically this laser machine did the whole thing-of course with the Doctor guiding it. Jesse went in with 20/200 vision (yes basically blind) and the next day was 20/15. Pretty amazing! He had to wear these shields on his eyes for the few nights to protect his eyes. The surgery was not painful at all-his only complaint was that his eyes were of course sensitive the next couple days and very dry. He was putting in eye drops every couple hours. One of the eye drops he calculated out that it was $3 per was an expensive bottle of drops lets just say-. But we can't complain too much since we got the whole thing done pretty cheap-since we won it! We will always be grateful to the Bullard's ' Of Love' Tennis Tournament.
 So no more glasses for Jesse! It was kind of weird for him to think he didn't need them at all anymore and he ended up donating them the next day after he said his goodbyes! I think the only thing he misses about them are that they were a great head scratcher. :)
Right before the surgery
Prepping his eyes
During the surgery
After with his shields on under his sunglasses-lookin good....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Time to get out of this rut!

Well, I think (I sure hope) I am safe to say we are just about all better here and over that nasty bug that hit us all! Jesse got sick first with Corbin and I thought I was safe and stayed clear of it but sadly got hit hard with it as well...and it's been rough. Taking care of your child when your sick is not easy! My ears are still plugged-can't tell you why..but at least I am feeling so much better! Hopefully we can now get out of this rut of sitting around at home all day doing nothing! Corbin just finished his last abx (crossing my fingers there wont be another one). Corbin had 3 ear infections in the last month-within a day or 2 of ending one abx the other ear would get infected and we would have to put him on another one! poor guy! Which is why we have to now look into putting tubes in Corbin's ears. :( 
  I must admit though that I am going to go crazy if I have to stay home for another week! We have stayed home day after day because I didn't want to make anyone else sick but I am in need of some adult interaction-and more than just a quick run to the store! ha!
These last couple days its been so nice to be able to start up exercising at home again, I actually looked forward to being able to!! Jillian Michaels kicks my butt. :) I would really like to be able to go running outside which sounds crazy because I am still trying to get back into shape and find that love for running again (and I need to start training for my race...)but the biggest thing is that I would really appreciate just some nice weather.  I am pretty sure that the inversions and cold has a negative effect on me.. so I am about done with this snow and cold-sorry to all you winter lovers..but I wouldn't mind if spring came early this year! :)
So out of this rut of laying around and being unproductive we climb! Time to start on those goals for the year! ;) and hope that Corbin didn't make a habit of needing to sleep on me...I gave in too many times when he was sick...and I'm a little worried.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

6 month pictures..a little late.

We took these back the week Corbin turned 6 months-(end of november). My sister was down here so we snapped a few pictures-big thank you! But it's been crazy with the holidays and with her 2 children so now I am finally getting them up! He was not feeling so well the day we took them because of his 6 months shots. :(  It took a good amount of effort to get him to cooperate and smile for us, but we were able to get some cute photos to remember him at this age! sure do love him!
This one basically sums up how he was feeling about taking pictures that day...ha!
But Thankfully we were able to get him to smile for some! :)