Monday, January 7, 2013

Hit with the sick bug.

Well we all got hit here with the nasty sick bug going around! Sounds like this stuff is strong cause I feel like everyone has gotten a little of it one way or another! Jesse with a double whammy.  I thought I was doing well and stayed clear from it since Jesse and Corbin were sick for a while. We were blessed that we weren't all sick at the same time so we could take care of each other! And sadly Corbin can't quite fight it all the way off. Two days after finishing his abx for his ear infection he gets another bad one but in the other ear! :( poor guy!  I am pretty sure I finally caught it (and hard) because of lack of sleep and too many sweets! not a good combo for me-I have always known when I stay up too late too many nights and don't take care of myself I almost always get sick. Good thing Jesse has gotten used to going to bed early throughout our marriage and doesn't mind it! I am hoping this nasty stuff will past real quick! But for now the house will continue to be a disaster while I hold Corbin as he sleeps and I rest. And maybe eventually we will get caught up with everything here-and start on our new years goals! ;)

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