Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are having a baby...

Yesterday was an exciting day for us! A little early Christmas Present! (Of course I could not wait till Christmas) And I can't keep it a secret from everyone else! I must say I convince myself that it was a girl, Jesse was still just neutral about what he thought. But like I said we did not care if our first was a boy or girl. I was very surprised and very happy! I even asked the ultrasound tech if she was sure. She kinda laughed at me and said something like Oh I am sure, did you not see that? So she showed us a few times and it sure was quite clear that our baby is a boy! She was able to see everything she needed to and our baby is healthy and growing! I read to drink orange juice before so your baby will be awake and move around. And it sure did work!

Here are two little clips from the ultrasound that you should be able to see clearly that our little baby is a boy! But then again these ultrasound I think I hard to understand what your seeing sometimes without the tech explaining. The second video shows a little in 3D. Enjoy!

Or if the videos don't work here are the links:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The big one.

So, tomorrow is the big one...the anatomy ultrasound! Which means we will find out if we are going to have a little baby girl or boy! We are pretty excited! Plus I just want to see our baby! :)

My Mom had the idea that we should bring a box and have the ultrasound tech write it down and put it in the box and we can open it up Christmas morning...Jesse liked the idea..I just don't think I can wait when I can know. I know its only 4 days different but I am getting anxious! I guess we will see for sure what Jesse wants to do..

We do not care what we have..just a healthy baby of course. We want both boys and girls so it doesn't matter which comes first. I always thought I would have a boy first...maybe because I was tough and always into sports and boy things. But since I got pregnant I am thinking it will be a girl...Jesse thought it was a girl at first now he does not know....we will see!

What do you think?

Friday, December 16, 2011

lazy days.

This is about how I feel lately...lazy and unproductive. and bored. Jesse tries to make me feel better by telling me I am being very productive making this baby. You can only lay around on your computer or watching tv for so long until your completely bored. Why can I not get a job? :( I must say it is nice that Jesse gets to sit around with me now for this Christmas break. I can't complain a bit about that. I say this is our last time just to relax together until this baby comes! We get a whole month together! :) minus him going to San Fran this weekend with all the boys for the monday night 49's game.
and this is also how I feel..I honestly don't even know what to do...I don't feel like I have anything to do. I know crazy. and some people might be feeling jealous especially during the holiday season when people are busy, but trust me it feels much better to be productive.
I know I am going to look back and wish I would of done so many things...I just can't think of them right now.
nope..I sure did not.

Anyways so yes I prayed to have ways to serve people one morning because I just needed something to do and make me feel better. And it ended up being a better day.
I first helped my sister set up her Christmas tree and spend time with her.
Then Jesse's Dad asked if we would want to come help chop down a tree that fell.

It was a huge tree! Had the chain saw out and we starting hauling it away until it got too dark. And the cute little lady that lived there kept wanting to help. Then we decided we wanted to go to the temple, good way to serve people...but then I was too tired and didn't want to fall asleep there so we went in the morning instead. But it felt so good to actually serve others and do something with myself instead of sitting around all day. So..yes what I am saying is let me know what you would like me to help out with and I would be glad to! :) .....depening on what it is. ;) ha! Now that it is officially the holiday season I feel that we will be busy doing things with family but come January I wont know what to do with myself .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jesse's new blog.

Hey everyone. This is Jesse writing. I just wanted to let you know that I've started my own blog. It's not about our family or what's happening in our lives. I'll leave that for Marissa. My blog is about my weight-loss journey over the next 200 days. Check it out. My plan is to use a blog to keep myself motivated. The first post is up!


Also, here's a cool picture for your entertainment.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wicked Winds

It seems like everyone got some type of damage from the wicked winds that came through around Davis County. I wasn't there when it happened..But we went down for the weekend and saw all the damage. I say this is only the beginning--the warning and humbling stage.
My Mom's house got its fair share of damage. Many shingles, most of the fence completely torn down, and a big tree fell. Sad. We came over with the saws to clean up the mess.
On Sunday, church got cancelled due to the warning of another wicked wind storm coming in so they asks everyone to come help clean the neighborhood up. I feel kinda bad that we actually had to leave because my Grandma and Grandpa had been planning a Christmas party for us. Too bad I didn't take any pictures there but we had a great time spending time with them. My grandma is amazing with the ideas and crafts she is always coming up with/making for us grandchildren. She has collected ornaments for each grandchild and you get them when you get married! My small tree is now covered...I think I will have to upgrade to a bigger tree real soon. She also gives a nativity the 2nd year married. Thank you! She is great! I hope I will have half the energy she does when I am her age! And I can't forget about my Grandpa and all he does!
I officially have all my decorations up! :) Not that I have that much...and I don't think I will enjoy them too long this year. We have decided that we will be spending the next month down in Kaysville since Jesse wont be in school and I don't have a job so we might as well be down there with family and probably will be more productive doing things down there!

I blame it on the pregnancy.

To catch up on my journaling I thought it would be nice to remember my rough day last week. really wasn't that rough but I am blaming it on the pregnancy. 
I woke up feeling pretty well and determined to actually get something done that day. but got shut down... 3 times! By the end of the day I decided maybe it is better for me to sit around doing nothing.

First off...I had to make a goodie for a christmas party but something that would still be okay a few days later. I also had to think of something that I had the ingredients for since I had been putting off going to the grocery store (no eggs or milk). Toffee would be perfect! Butter, sugar, and chocolate. Not hard at all. I have made it many times and it turns out great. I made it the exact same way I usually do but this time it decided not to work out so well. FAILED miserably. So I was a little upset about it. I never understood before why people thought it was tricky to make.

2nd rough moment of my day...I decided I was finally going to go work out at the gym. I have totally been slacking in that area and with no motivation to start up again. But I was determined to go because one of my big fears is looking like a huge ball of fat by the end of this pregnancy. Jesse offered to drive me over but I was even motivated enough to just walk to the gym. I stick my i pod on and am feeling good. I get just about to the gym and realize my ID card fell out of my pocket on the way which means I can't get into the gym. So I walk back in forth between my home and the gym twice in the cold. NOTHING. gone. I think I cried.

On to the 3rd moment..I decided that shopping always makes a woman happy! I had a Kohl's $10 off any purchase plus 20% off anything as well! I was going to go find myself a good deal! I walked around the whole store trying to find something that I needed to buy...nothing really so I found some clothes on clearance. I go to pay for them and found out I did not bring my wallet..I almost never leave the house without my wallet. Wow...this was suppose to make me happy. I call Jesse up to tell him how ridiculous I am and while doing so lose my $10 off card. Now I don't know if I should cry or laugh at myself. But thankfully I walk around the store and find it and Jesse being the good husband he is drives to Kohls to buy my purchases. (and Kohls said I saved $129! when I only spent $8.)

So your thinking..that wasn't that rough of a day! I have had a lot worse! That is why I am blaming it on the pregnancy. (because I can) I was emotional when it wasn't that big of a deal at all! WHY?! But at least I can laugh about it now! :)