Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I blame it on the pregnancy.

To catch up on my journaling I thought it would be nice to remember my rough day last week. really wasn't that rough but I am blaming it on the pregnancy. 
I woke up feeling pretty well and determined to actually get something done that day. but got shut down... 3 times! By the end of the day I decided maybe it is better for me to sit around doing nothing.

First off...I had to make a goodie for a christmas party but something that would still be okay a few days later. I also had to think of something that I had the ingredients for since I had been putting off going to the grocery store (no eggs or milk). Toffee would be perfect! Butter, sugar, and chocolate. Not hard at all. I have made it many times and it turns out great. I made it the exact same way I usually do but this time it decided not to work out so well. FAILED miserably. So I was a little upset about it. I never understood before why people thought it was tricky to make.

2nd rough moment of my day...I decided I was finally going to go work out at the gym. I have totally been slacking in that area and with no motivation to start up again. But I was determined to go because one of my big fears is looking like a huge ball of fat by the end of this pregnancy. Jesse offered to drive me over but I was even motivated enough to just walk to the gym. I stick my i pod on and am feeling good. I get just about to the gym and realize my ID card fell out of my pocket on the way which means I can't get into the gym. So I walk back in forth between my home and the gym twice in the cold. NOTHING. gone. I think I cried.

On to the 3rd moment..I decided that shopping always makes a woman happy! I had a Kohl's $10 off any purchase plus 20% off anything as well! I was going to go find myself a good deal! I walked around the whole store trying to find something that I needed to buy...nothing really so I found some clothes on clearance. I go to pay for them and found out I did not bring my wallet..I almost never leave the house without my wallet. Wow...this was suppose to make me happy. I call Jesse up to tell him how ridiculous I am and while doing so lose my $10 off card. Now I don't know if I should cry or laugh at myself. But thankfully I walk around the store and find it and Jesse being the good husband he is drives to Kohls to buy my purchases. (and Kohls said I saved $129! when I only spent $8.)

So your thinking..that wasn't that rough of a day! I have had a lot worse! That is why I am blaming it on the pregnancy. (because I can) I was emotional when it wasn't that big of a deal at all! WHY?! But at least I can laugh about it now! :)

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