Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wicked Winds

It seems like everyone got some type of damage from the wicked winds that came through around Davis County. I wasn't there when it happened..But we went down for the weekend and saw all the damage. I say this is only the beginning--the warning and humbling stage.
My Mom's house got its fair share of damage. Many shingles, most of the fence completely torn down, and a big tree fell. Sad. We came over with the saws to clean up the mess.
On Sunday, church got cancelled due to the warning of another wicked wind storm coming in so they asks everyone to come help clean the neighborhood up. I feel kinda bad that we actually had to leave because my Grandma and Grandpa had been planning a Christmas party for us. Too bad I didn't take any pictures there but we had a great time spending time with them. My grandma is amazing with the ideas and crafts she is always coming up with/making for us grandchildren. She has collected ornaments for each grandchild and you get them when you get married! My small tree is now covered...I think I will have to upgrade to a bigger tree real soon. She also gives a nativity the 2nd year married. Thank you! She is great! I hope I will have half the energy she does when I am her age! And I can't forget about my Grandpa and all he does!
I officially have all my decorations up! :) Not that I have that much...and I don't think I will enjoy them too long this year. We have decided that we will be spending the next month down in Kaysville since Jesse wont be in school and I don't have a job so we might as well be down there with family and probably will be more productive doing things down there!

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  1. I started a post about the winds and haven't finished it. I haven't even begun to put up Christmas (still have some Halloween out-yikes)!
    I know something to keep you busy :)