Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Walk

Courtney and Christopher inviting Jesse and I to go see the Pumpkin walk in North Logan. We have never been to it, but people decorate/paint pumpkins into their favorite things. Some people are very creative and talented. It was fun to see the different scene people made. Some of my favorites there:
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Despicable Me
Utah State Football
Winnie the Pooh
Tigger made completely out of pumpkin and/or squash
The Zoo
A Christmas Story

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shooting, Pumpkins, Fightmares

This weekend we made the good ol' trip down to Kaysville because we really thought we should use our Lagoon passes one more time to go to Fightmares once this year. Since we decided to go down we wanted to make the weekend full of fun.
Friday night Jesse really wanted to go shooting so we got together with Kirk and Ashley and Matt and Jesse and went up to Morgan. Jesse and I really enjoy going shooting. But only when I have a good day and can actually shoot things! :) We also had a campfire after which we had a little friend stay close by the whole night...a skunk. Never saw it but definitely could hear it smelt it multiple times.
Saturday we had our day planned full! We woke up and went to the Bountiful Temple. Then we were so excited to take the Razor and Side-by-side up Farmington Canyon because it is so beautiful right now. So we had Jesse's parent's and Grandparents coming as well as my mom. But drove up to find out the canyon was close. :( such a bummer! But then again I don't know how we were going to fit it all in I guess.
We went over to my Mom's house and carved pumpkins! I love carving pumpkins!
And notice my lovely big pumpkin earrings that even light up! Had to wear them the whole day!
Brooke and Eli's. Eli even started eating the raw pumpkin and enjoyed it! ha!
Love my Mom and her cute pumpkin!
After we went out to Dinner with Jesse's parents to Olive Garden and then finally at 8:30 that night we got to Fightmares-the reason why we went down there in the first place...but spending time with the Fam always comes first. But it was the perfect amount of time there. We went to at least 3 haunted houses and a haunted house ride. and of course took some cute pictures!
We were just getting some ideas of what to be for Halloween. I really want Aladdin and Jasmine until I had the thought of us showing that much skin would not be pretty.
Can't tell-but we are riding the sky coaster. I really wanted Jesse to kiss me..I wanted to be one of those didn't happen..
We had a great time and are really enjoying spending almost every weekend together lately! Our schedules have worked out to allow us to enjoy the weekends. 
And please pray that I find a job or else I will have too much unwanted time....and no money.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I read a book! Thank You Ellen.

Today I read an entire book! not just a children's or picture book. Like an actual book. I think it had like over 200 pages. Well I know thats not very long..But I read a book. Shocker I know. I hate reading. I don't just read for fun. I only read when I have to-like for school which is probably what ruined it for me. But I read this entire book-my own free will and choice. No one can usually convince me to read any book..yeah I have never read Harry Potter or the Twilight series or anything like that. I am pretty sure I tried but after a couple pages..or a chapter or two if I was lucky..I would put it down and just never pick it back up to read. There are a few books in my life I guess that I have read cover to cover. Mostly in the 2nd grade when I enjoyed it..but that enjoyment of reading left quickly. I don't know if I can say I read an entire book in high school or college. I am hoping I will find that joy of reading again soon. But it might be when I have many children and don't even have time for it anyways. sad. But back to the fact that I read an entire book today in one sitting. And it might be due to the fact that I sit for over 8 hours at my job..and when its a slow day....Which my job ends in the next week and I desperately need a new job but who knew Logan was the worst place to get a job. Anways so why am I writing about me reading a book? Well because I need to remember these time when I did enjoy reading.
So Ellen Degeneries in great. If you didn't know. I might not agree with all her views but for the most part she has good thoughts. I enjoy listening and watching her show. And I found out today that her book is quite entertaining as well. I was working in Sams Club and wondered over to the book section and it caught my eye. And I might feel a little guilty about reading an entire book without paying for it. But I don't have a Sam's Club card.
I not only laughed while reading it but I have a desire to be a better happier person after reading this book. Ha yeah I think it's funny that I am saying that as well..but go ahead-if you have time and need an Ellen Degeneries entertaining kind of book-read it yourself and enjoy! :) I love her kind of humor. I could watch her show ever day if I was home to. Seriously though..I am not kidding! Thank You Ellen for publishing a book that I can say I read the whole thing and enjoyed it! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Jesse and I had the opportunity to go to Odyssey Dance Production of Thriller. It was showing at Utah State and students could get in for $5. What a steal! I had never seen Thriller before so I had no idea what to expect really. But I was not disappointed. Dancing is definitely not my thing..and going to a dance production probably wouldn't entertain Jesse and I too much. But this was quite entertaining. I highly enjoyed it and and am glad we were able to go. It was scary but yet really funny. And wow they have a lot of talent!
These zombies walked around before and during the show and would scare people. They sure were creepy looking. and yes little kids were even crying....(not just Jesse)
(Sorry for the bad picture quality..I don't know what was up with my camera.)

Jesse just fitting right in. He was just grateful that his brains weren't eaten!

We had a great night..I guess to make up for our lack of excitement of a weekend we had. Ha!
I would love to go again in years coming. It definitely got my in the Halloween mood!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A stay home weekend.

This weekend was a stay home weekend and for me basically do nothing..and Jesse homework all weekend (or at least it felt like that) I must admit I was very unproductive...and I kind of feel bad about it. But every now and then I guess I can get away with getting nothing done. I kinda feel bad the place is still a mess even though I had days off to clean. I haven't made dinner since Tuesday. sad. But oh well I guess. Hopefully this next week I will feel better and more will get done.
After Jesse was done with his homework on Friday night we decided to rent a movie at redbox and get hot chocolate from 7-11. I love hot chocolate..It kills me this time of year. Jesse discovered the pumpkin spice is quite delightful just so you know.
Saturday we went to lunch and thats about it. Slept and laid around the rest of the day.
It was just that kind of a weekend for us.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down to Kaysville we go!

This past weekend we went back down to Kaysville-
we can't ever be away from there for too long! :)
I sure was excited to go down for not only this reason but it sure does put a smile on my face!.....PUMPKIN SHAKES from Dairy Queen! Love them! It's probably is a good thing for me that there is not a Dairy Queen in Logan...

We actually had the pleasure of being invited again from the Smith's to the Castaway tournament. A little late this year but they had to get it done, and we sure enjoyed it.
We did worry that it was going to be freezing or raining on us but it actually ended up being nice weather.
This is my proud picture of being able to put my name on the women's longest drive contest. I am not really a golfer..but sometimes I can randomly hit the ball well. But I didn't end up was probably pretty close. ha!
Jesse also had an amazing drive! If it was a couple feet more he would of had the men's longest drive. It was pretty impressive. And his putt from across the green that he made was pretty amazing as well.
We had a great time. No need to tell you our end score..just that we had fun! :)

After the tournament we went to the Lloyd's Cabin by Pineview and spent the night there. It was good to spend time with all our friends-chatting, watching a scary movie, playing hide-n-seek. We woke up the next morning and made scones. The boys decided to bring back some memories of using the deep fryer...they decided to sneak some random candy in some scones. By the end they had reeses, kit kats, marshmellows, and what ever other candy deep fried in the scones...gross I know.