Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Jesse and I had the opportunity to go to Odyssey Dance Production of Thriller. It was showing at Utah State and students could get in for $5. What a steal! I had never seen Thriller before so I had no idea what to expect really. But I was not disappointed. Dancing is definitely not my thing..and going to a dance production probably wouldn't entertain Jesse and I too much. But this was quite entertaining. I highly enjoyed it and and am glad we were able to go. It was scary but yet really funny. And wow they have a lot of talent!
These zombies walked around before and during the show and would scare people. They sure were creepy looking. and yes little kids were even crying....(not just Jesse)
(Sorry for the bad picture quality..I don't know what was up with my camera.)

Jesse just fitting right in. He was just grateful that his brains weren't eaten!

We had a great night..I guess to make up for our lack of excitement of a weekend we had. Ha!
I would love to go again in years coming. It definitely got my in the Halloween mood!

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