Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favorite Things

Favorite of late.

Well I must say I am enjoying my time relaxing. And I don't know why I have been a little more tired lately. I hope I am not this tired the rest of the pregnancy but if so I guess can handle it. But one of my favorite things to do lately is just sit on the couch and watch my belly. I know that sounds kinda weird. But it is so entertaining to see my little guy move all around inside me. So amazing. And I just love the fact that I can feel him move around daily...I feel like I don't have to sit and worry so much now. But I do tend to sit there for a good amount of time and realize I haven't accomplished anything, but I guess thats just something I can enjoy right now and I am going to cherish those moments (and not forget them..thats why I have to write it down).

Which brings me to another point that I don't want to forget and I might as well write it down now. I have to remember the blessings that Heavenly Father gives Jesse and I! I must admit I was kinda frustrated at the fact that I was searching and applying all over the place for a job when we moved up here and I had no success. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a nursing job. It stressed me out because our plan was for Jesse to focus on school and not work but I would work full time and we would get by on my income up here just fine. Why wasn't I being blessed when I was praying to find a job? Not much income coming in and a baby on the way..not the ideal situation. But I have come to find out I was missing the blessings Heavenly Father was giving us. We were blessed with family/people helping us out and having a good amount of money saved up in our savings! Also the fact that I am not working full time is a blessing so I can get the rest I need while pregnant and I can stay healthy and not be exhausted and stressed. I also am able to work a little at my job in Ogden and possibly have the option to work there occasionally after I have the baby to keep up with my nursing which then I don't have to worry about finding a place that would hire someone that only wanted to work on occasion if that is what I decide. We have also been able to spend time with each other and our family that you can never replace. I don't want to forget about these blessings I almost overlooked.

Another favorite thing that Jesse and I discovered a while ago, but enjoyed it again today was a lemonade popsicle. ( I know its winter-and it is snowing as I write this, but they are still good) Not just any lemonade popsicle...but we get the fresh lemonade drinks from Chick fil la and make our own popsicles. (I should try to find a copy-cat recipe of their lemonade) Delicious! You should try it sometime..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Relaxin at the Cabin Kind of Weekend.

This past weekend Jesse and I wanted to take advantage of him not having any school on Monday. We tried to plan on going up to our cabin at Bear Lake but it didn't quite work out. But thanks to the Lloyds they invited us up to their cabin by Pineview. We had quite the relaxin weekend there. But it was the usual way too much sitting around and too much eating type of weekend. But enjoyable!
Jesse it quite proud of the boys accomplishment of defeated Super Mario World in one day! Bowser and all! Jesse is not one that likes to play video games very often but they were determined to defeat the game! This is what I saw all day long...But what is the Lloyds cabin without a little Super Mario World?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love and 25 wks.

What a great day! Valentine's's just wonderful! I love it! :)
We had been married 1 year 11 months 1 week and 1 day. Thought that was interesting.
This is a line that pretty much sums up my day...

Are you trying to make me diabetic or just fat? :)

Jesse wakes up early basically every morning and does homework...(while I usually sleep in) But I decided to make us some delicious strawberry crepes to start the day! Then off to school he was.
Then I enjoyed some of these throughout the day..
and these...
and these...yeah I know
We had an evening institute class we go to every Tuesday about the Book of Mormon that we love. Then we got a quick bite at one of my favorite places and I got one of my favorite sandwiches! mmm
and can't forget a little ice cream...can you say sugar overload for one day?! Food=Love!
and we had a few minutes to spare and Jesse found this shirt that he loved for our little boy..too bad the smallest size was 9-12 months-so we will have to wait a year to him to wear it! But we still had to get it! goofy I know. He will be wearing it to the BBQ's! :)
Then we went and saw the movie "The Vow"...what a surprise I know..I have been wanting to see it though.
But I loved it!..and also hated it in some ways. Their relationship before the accident reminded me of Jesse and I's..I know cheesy, but honestly from the part of him scraping snow off the car to eating chocolates together and even farting in the car..thats kinda just how we are! :) and I love it! And Jesse is always on me for making sure I put my seat belt on (only when I am in the backseat do I not want to put it on for some reason) but now hopefully I will be better at always having it on-cause I can't imagine going through something like that.
Anyways Jesse also got me a stand mixer which I am excited to use-makes me feel more like a house wife! :)
It was just a great day! So happy to be married to such an amazing man that loves me so much! :)

Anyways another thing I Love is updates on our little guy!
I am 25 weeks along now. 15 more and he is! :)
Went to my Doc appt today and everything looks/sounds wonderful!
I honestly can't complain because for the most part I do not feel pregnant-and I feel blessed for that!
I do occasionally wake up with a leg cramp that last only a couple seconds-which I hear is apart of being pregnant for some people..but I am too tired to really have it bother me much. Which I do need a good amount of sleep I can't lie about that-but I also feel blessed that I can sleep just fine still. and I get plenty of time to relax!

so I guess another belly picture...some days I feel quite big and others not so much. I guess its depending on what I am wearing and how bloated I am...some days I still wear clothing that hides it well..but I am hoping I got past the point of just looking fat instead of pregnant?..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Family Birthday Weekend.

We went down and celebrated my Dad's birthday this last weekend. (wow, I drive from Logan to Kaysville ALOT between work and just things going on) We don't get to see him that often because he is a busy man working all the time. But it was good to get together with everyone. My Grandparents were good sports about coming up and even bringing a roast in the car and putting a meal together! :)
It was also Eli's-my nephews birthday so my sister made the cupcakes and I decorated them as pirates! I really want to get myself a dessert decorator kit now. This was just the beginning of me eating too much sugar lately with birthdays and valentines and having a sweet tooth lately..Doctors appt tomorrow- hopefully since we have been exercising pretty well lately I haven't gained too much ha!
These are my cute nephews Eli and Garrett. We tried to take pictures of them together this weekend but it kinda failed. But I sure do Love spending time with them!
And here is a photo of Garrett-I helped my sister takes some newborn pictures! She is great. Getting her ready to take some for me and our baby..soon! ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Garrett's Video

So, I love making videos or even putting pictures to music! I want to put a little video together when we have our baby-for memories. Having a video for a wedding was one of the most important things to have for me..and I think having a little video of our baby boy will be neat to have as well. I asked my sister Brooke if she would be my little guinea pig for it so I would have an idea of what to do.. So here is a little video I put together-I sure enjoy it! :) (now lets see if a video will actually happen when we have our baby?)