Thursday, April 28, 2011

Graduation, Easter, Family!

I really did graduate..This picture is the proof for now since you don't get your diploma for a while. Lovely purple cap and gown I must say.
Thanks for all the support and love!
This is a graduation gift! :) Love! But still need to learn and play around with it to figure out  how to use all the more complicated stuff. THANK YOU!!!
and I am lovin it! I have plenty to do to keep me busy for a while..even though I get distracted just relaxing and doing whatever I want. I do still need to study for boards but I think I can take a break for a while.
This past week has been great with Easter and all. We have been able to spend time with family! We had a BBQ after my graduation and played games and dyed more easter eggs. We were able to go visit Grandpa and Grandma Eddy after I went and saw Candace race on Saturday at BYU-she won her race 1500 M! That's my girl! well sister! :) I am trying to start running again (and possibly train for a marathon??..) but I like to take each mile nice and slow! Sunday morning breakfast at the Orams...then Dinner with the Jensen's and Grandpa and Grandma Haws. We were also able to go out to Plain City and visit Grandma and Grandma Jensen! We are so blessed to be able to see all our family and spend time with them!
Love dyeing Easter eggs, I was accused of dyeing too many of them! :)
Blue lips from the Easter Candy!
I think this picture is classic..kinda showing how both their momma's personalities are..
I love my nephews! 
Easter Morning! 
Elijah in his Sunday Easter outfit!

Isn't he so cute! I had to chase him around the house to get pictures of him. But he liked the attention. He is so fun to be around-and hopefully this summer I get to spend more time with him-since he lives just a couple houses down from us! Then starting in the fall I get to play with little Maxwell up in Logan more often when we live there!

Last but not least. Another one of Jesse's Beauties! I must say he is pretty talented to be able to make that from our box of random pieces of legos we inherited from the storage unit!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I don't know if I can believe it! This whole time-well the last 2 years in the nursing program just seemed like I would never be here. Each semester was so exhausting and hard. but YAH! I am officially done with the RN program and it is such a relief! I don't know if I would do it again. I enjoy nursing, but the last 2 years of school have been rough! 

Now the huge debate....
I got accepted to the Bachelors Nursing Program at Weber...I don't know if I should do it or not?
Their are people pushing me both ways. I don't know what I should do!? :S
  • We are moving up to logan, but this program only requires me to meet every 3rd week-and sometimes I hear I can do an online assignment instead. There are plenty of people who live in Logan and commute down that are in the program right now. 
  • Jesse will be way busy with school, so me being in school will keep me busy as well so I don't distract him..but it also means I might not be able to work as much-which I would be the source of most the income for us while Jesse is going to school. But most people in the Bachelors program still work full time.
  • My main thing in life is going to be a full time mommy (no I am not pregnant right now) and I am going to be a part time nurse. I will work full time till we have kids but after that just as needed. So Jesse says my nursing in like a back up plan-only if needed. But of course I have to keep up my license and work every now and then. 
  • As of right now you are required to have your bachelors for any management position-which I will most likely not be doing. But they do say a lot of hospitals are requiring it and that is where the future of nursing is going. I would hate to have to go back later in life and get it when I have kids. If I am going to get it I might as well now. So its now or never. 
  • This program allows you to take a break as long as you get in done within 5 years...
  • It would be easier to get a job having your bachelors but I am almost positive their will always be open RN jobs I just have to accept that they might not be my first choice.
  • More education never will only make me a better nurse
  • Being completely done with school sounds delightful! 

Decisions, Decisions! I hate having to make decisions! 
I will pray and hope for a clear answer!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sports and Crafts

The closer it gets to graduation the more I think I am already done with school. I need to focus and study for my 3 tests I have this week. THEN I will be done! I love the warmer weather which is partly the reason why I am just making myself think that I am done with school.
On Wednesday, it was a beautiful warm day..until that night when we went to the Real soccer game-I love soccer..everyone knows that!-so I was excited to go to the game. I am glad that I stopped by my sister's house right before we left because it was brought to my realization that I did not bring warm enough clothes and my sister let me borrow her big coat-thank goodness I had that! It rained the whole game. Jesse blocked most of the rain so he was the one that got pretty wet. We went with Jesse's sister Megan and Dallin, and Dallin's brothers. They decided to leave just a few minutes early the score was 0-0. Sadly to say right after they left Real scores an awesome goal-and they miss the most exciting part of the game!
Our seats were right behind the stand where they made the cinnamon roasted almonds and I had to smell them the whole game! They smelt SO good! (But they are ridiculously priced) The next day I decided to try to make them. They tasted pretty good but I swear no matter what they can never taste the same as the ones you can get at games or the fair or wherever.
Back to enjoying the nice weather...Jesse and I went and played tennis and softball together on friday. Jesse is quite well rounded when it comes to sports. I swear he can play anything. But that is something I like about him of course. We enjoy playing any sports together but he just has to teach me alot. We also went through the storage unit with my Mom on Saturday and busted out the roller blades.
wow! we are good lookin..ha!

I also got excited to dye some Easter eggs. I found a different way to do it and Jesse was great to help me out and hopefully somewhat enjoyed it as well. They turned out pretty cool I think..


But Jesse probably had more fun making this little guy! The Legos are from the storage unit as well. It brought back good childhood memories for him!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One step closer.

One step closer to being a Registered Nurse. 
A couple more weeks of school, a lot more studying for the boards-and passing, and then I am completely done!
Precepting for a nurse is kinda like a doctor doing his residency
 I guess is the best way to explain it.
It's 135 hours at the hospital.
which is PLENTY.
Working for free...
But it's learning and getting experience.
Waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning at least 3 times a week.
Being exhausted. That is what is it.
Sleeping in sounds delightful!-and I will take advantage of it when I can.
Being a nurse can be quite stressful.
I enjoyed it but it is such a relief to be done.
I'm ready to spend more time with Jesse!
No more feeling like I am neglecting him and our home.
I graduate from Weber State's Nursing program April 22!