Monday, September 21, 2015

Life around our home lately

Well things at home are going pretty smoothly I guess I can say. Gavin is at the age where him and Corbin are playing a little better with each other and they either love to play with each other and get along well and want to be with each other or they are either just constantly fighting and screaming and bugging each other. I love it when I see them playing with each other and "loving each other". Gavin has definitely learned how to get Corbin in trouble and play it up a bit though and I have caught him doing it so know I have to question if Corbin was really doing something or if Gavin is just being dramatic…pretty ridiculous..or smart I guess..from a one year old!
I have been pretty lucky lately to get them to take nap together more than 1/2 the time together….I hope I don't jinx myself by saying that. They both wake up right around 6:30…or really Corbin is up before that a lot I'm pretty sure. He has an owl that lights up when he is allowed to come out of his room--he follows that maybe half the time? Most mornings you hear him "peek" in our room-which he opens the door and closes it which can be pretty loud (and annoying) sometimes-then he will go back to his room and wait. I try to put them down at night by 8:00. I usually try to have them eat lunch and then know they have to take a nap after lunch. Gavin will fall asleep in the car though often around the 11:30-12 mark which can be a bummer if I can't get them to nap together.
Every morning its we are all up around 6:30…hang out in the room-half the time the boys shower with Dad and we all go downstairs between 7:15-7:30. We have to all go outside and say goodbye to Dad as he drives away and we come inside and eat breakfast together. We eat a lot of pancakes, green pancakes, oatmeal, and lots and lots of fruit is what we mostly have for breakfast.

Gavin is definitely starting to get smarter and know whats going on a little more. He definitely fights (screams) for what he wants. His personality is really starting to show and he can be a goofy one. And he knows he can be funny. And he definitely follows after his brother as far as thinking farts are funny. He loves to give kisses lately and then thinks he should say bye-bye…I am pretty sure thats from giving Dad a kiss goodbye in the morning. He loves food still-surprise surprise-but seems to still be a little pickier…as far as he wants it to taste sweet..but that means he will eat any fruit and lots of it. Which I have to keep telling myself lots of fruit is better than just process junk so if thats all he eats all day long I can't complain compare to the kids that will only eat "crap". He has learned to come up and grab my leg and head and expected me to follow him and have him show me what he wants. He is definitely a curious little guy-and seems to be in more things than Corbin was. He knows what he wants and he knows how to ignore me. And I really do feel like he knows things but decides not to do them as far as I have heard him say words and I tell him to say it and he will just give me a smirk and think its funny not to. He says mama, dada, ball, uh oh, bye-bye, and basically screams for everything else right now...
Corbin has definitely been fun to watch learn and grow right now. He is still my goofy boy-he loves to be silly, he loves me to be silly, and he just loves silly things. But he can also be a little inappropriate as far as saying and showing body parts. Oh boys…its just imbedded in them I guess? He asks me at least-at least-once a day mom are you happy? He is very in tuned with people's feelings and worries about them. But he also is super sensitive and I hear "you hurt my feelings" at least once a day too. Which I have to remind him that he is in trouble-it was his choice to make a bad choice and have his feelings hurt by having to get into trouble. We have a hard time with him being nice to Gavin and treating him well. He fights for the attention and makes sure he gets it! Their is a plus side to his sensitive side-he is so sweet and hugs me multiple times a day and tells me how much he loves me. Not a day goes by that I don't get a hug and hear that he loves me. He still loves to cuddle--sometimes a little too much as far as not going to sleep without us in his room laying on his bed with him. I love that moment of singing songs together and hearing sweet things from him but then I want to be done and go to bed myself. I love watching Corbin's personality develop more as he becomes more independent. He started a little "joyschool" and loves to be with his friends. He is definitely loves to be with friends. He loves sweets and I really do worry about him and try to teach him good habits right now. He is a sponge right now and is learning so much from everything. I have to be careful and be a good example to him. He asks questions all. day. long. but I can tell he is learning from them.
What sums up the stage of life we are in right now is they are constantly making messes and I am constantly behind on cleaning the messes. I feel like all I do is clean and you still can't tell. I do try to just not worry and play with them a lot instead so I figured the house cleaning can wait cause you can't totally tell if I clean anyways. And most days I am exhausted by the time its bedtime. So I get them ready for bed and go to bed myself after…and that party is due to the fact that Corbin makes me lay with him for a bit so then I am tired. I don't actually go to sleep but yes I am in bed by like 8:30 every night. Jesse I would say on average gets home around 7:30-so he definitely has long days at work…and very limited time with the kids. Sundays and usually Wednesday are his days off. Hopefully now that the weather is cooling off we will be able to do more things together than just hang around the house and go out to eat. I try to get the boys out a lot and go to the parks, shopping, museum, walks, just something to get out of the house but it actually seems like we have been staying home a little more lately and I think thats mostly to do with me feeling like I have a ton to do and if they can play at home pretty well together then it works out-but most the time for our sanity we like to get out!