Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summertime trips-Las Vegas

Well..this wasn't our trip but it was fun to have my sister Brooke and her family-husband Eria and kids-Eli and Garrett come down and stay at our house for a few days in June-and my mom was able to come with them as well! We were able to go out to eat, play at parks/splash pads, and go to the Children's museum with them! (we also had an ice cream cake for Gavin's birthday) I am glad they were able to come down and spend time with us! Courtney came up from Cali with Max and Ella to join the fun as well! My favorite thing was probably watching them all in the hurricane simulator at the children's museum!
oh and as a side note..I was pretty sure something was going to break or happen to my house while they were all here…well it actually was my fault ha! I went to go put a gallon of paint away and just set it on my washing machine and a little while later it fell off and splattered everywhere-walls, cabinets, clothes, and of course all over the floor-it took me quite a while to try to get all the paint out of the grout!

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