Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summertime trips-Carlsbad

My Dad's wife Lezlee's family has gone to Carlsbad every year in their family for around 60 years. We are fortunate enough to be able to tag along and not do the hard work of trying to get all the campground spots and plan it all out. Their family stays for a full week which last year we went when Gavin was just a month or so old and we stayed in a hotel for just a night. This time I decided I could handle staying in a tent with Corbin and Gavin…I knew it would be an adventure and maybe not get a ton of sleep but I knew I could do it and have fun! I am glad I did so I could spend time with My Dad and Lezlee since I feel like I don't very much.
We decided to leave on Monday from my house knowing that most people travel Sunday night..well there was tons of people traveling on Monday as well..with recent fires happening in California there was a lot of construction that caused hours of traffic. Our a little over 4 over drive turned into a 7 hour drive. I actually got really lucky and both my boys did really good in the car on the way there for being in the car that long with just the 3 of us! 
First night was kinda how I expected it-we did end up getting there a lot later than expected so we didn't get everything set up and ready for bed till late but then my kids wouldn't go to sleep as smoothly as I hoped. I brought a little pack n play thing for Gavin and he was not going to have it. So he slept on me most the night..which of course means I didn't sleep a whole lot but I didn't want to wake everyone else up. First day there was definitely still a success as far as enjoying playing down at the beach and my kids were exhausted! Corbin could jump the waves all day long if someone would with him! Gavin enjoyed the sand a little more (and of course eating (; )
My sister Courtney was able to come with Christopher, Max, and Ella and of course cousins were really enjoying playing with each other! The next night was slightly better as far as sleeping but by the 3rd night Gavin totally slept through the night and we had it down…sadly the day we were leaving. ha!  I could have definitely stayed another day or even two but I had to get back home to a girl's trip the Jensens had plan in St. George.
So Friday that week I drove up to St. George because the Jensen girl's had a girls trip planned out-I couldn't go for the whole thing because Jesse couldn't take work off but I was able to go up for the day shop, eat, and go to the Tucahan Theatre and see Beauty and the Beast. I spent the night there and woke up really early to drive home so Jesse could get to work. 

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