Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summertime trips--Utah again..

This trip to Utah was originally planned for Jesse's cousin Jamie's Wedding but sadly but Grandpa passed away that week and we had quite the busy day between the two of them.
Like I said I was so happy I was able to visit my Grandpa while I was in Utah before--not knowing he would pass away. We knew he was sick and when I went to visit him I definitely could see how sick he really was. We had a sweet moment together though and I am so grateful but last memory with him can be words full of wisdom from him. He was very in and out when I was talking to him because he was on a lot of pain medication and the way he talked to me seems like he knew he was going to die as far as he wanted to tell me the things that are most important. Which basically was telling me how important the gospel is…to put God first then he joked and said maybe Jesse first. He told me to remember whats really important is life--which he mentioned serving others. And last he told me to always remember to be happy. (I really do feel like that is a theme of my life lately-to remember to be happy. Corbin lately at least once a day asks me if I am such a great reminder to show happiness) I love those last words he gave me. They will always mean so much to me and I know all of his thoughts were really important and true. So grateful for the gospel in our lives that I know we can be with him again and that he is doing great work on the other side right now. He was such a patriotic person as well-always reminding us how important it is to stay involved with politics--which I have such a hard time with-but to stand up for our rights and to vote! My Grandpa loved BYU as well and not a single BYU football game will pass by without thinking of him!

The viewing was in the morning and then funeral started at 10:00am in Payson. My Grandpa wanted to be buried in Brigham city so the burial wasn't till that afternoon to give everyone time to drive that far. Straight after we headed to Salt Lake City for Jamie's Wedding…and sadly I didn't take any pictures besides of the cute lithe Macie and Will.
 And of course if we are making a trip to Utah I am not going to just stay for a day or two--Most of the time thats all Jesse can do before he has to go back to work--but we make a trip out of it. So I had planned to stay the whole week and enjoy family time. 
 Then a month or so before coming I got asked to run in the Epic relay-which my mom and sisters Candace and Courtney were already signed up to run but I didn't know if I was going to be up for it and finding someone to watch my kids--I had never ran a race over night before because I'm either too pregnant or nursing--or just too exhausted to want to stay up and run all night ha! It was overall fun-but it wasn't easy for me. My first leg was 6 miles and it was a good up hill most of the time-thankfully it was cooler than expected to be so I wasn't absolutely dying of heat…but then by our second legs it was pouring rain. My second leg was around 12am I want to say--not that most ideal time to run in the pouring rain and dark…and not to forget to mention the very muddy steep uphill. Thats the moment I thought these people are a little crazy and must love running who do this! ha! After our van was done it was around 4:30 am and we met the other van and try to get a little sleep before we had to drive to our next legs. I slept outside in a sleeping bag and got maybe 2 hours of sleep if I was lucky. Thankfully my last leg was my shortest at around 3 miles and mostly downhill--good thing because my body was beat my then! I think I ran around 17-18 miles total--which originally I was running close to 20 but they switch up my legs and I did not complain! ha It was really so pretty the whole run. It was from Logan utah to Jackson Hole WY.

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