Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Christmas came and went by...it seemed quite fast this year. I guess it does every year. I love this time to spend with family...especially Jesse-He gets a little over a week off and its so great to have him home every day with us. Corbin took full advantage of it and smothered Jesse sometimes-and even sometimes didn't want me around him and Jesse. Ha! I have been putting doing a little post about the holidays though just because I don't really want to for some reason but I know its good to have! I need to be better about taking pictures at our "parties" but I tend to forget! We had a little party with my mom and siblings and did our 3 gift exchange and ate and played games! We had the Haw's party and got our gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and had the "white elephant" gifts. We had the Jensen party out in Plain City with Santa-Corbin defeinitely knows who Santa is and was even happy when he walked into the room but when he sat down on his lap he wasn't too sure what was going on and seemed a bit nervous and just wanted the gift, He definitely learned this year that a present means you up wrapped it and there is a toy inside. Christmas Eve we went out to lunch with the Jensen's then headed over to my Dad side Christmas party and then back to the Jensen's for a little gift exchange. We tend to go back and forth between family when we live close to everyone right now. Christmas was laid back-open a few gifts at home then spent the day with the family.
A few pictures from the around the holidays.
people sometimes wonder where Corbin gets his dimples...well there mine is coming out. ha!
We made sure to go see the lights...goodness it was cold.
Corbin unsure about his feelings towards sitting on Santa's lap.
Happy with the present though
Grandpa and Grandma Jensen
Corbin loved the PiƱata and didn't really want to do the whole "taking turns"
The little boys running around at Joy Luck...kinda felt bad for the other costumers.
Corbin helping me shuffle the driveway....can we be done with the snow now that the holidays are over?!..
Corbin loved wearing his santa hat.

Eating out for the holidays. First time to Texas de Brazil...quite tasty and not even comparable to those other brazilian places.
New years Eve...the most "partying" we did was just go out with our friends Todd and Tricia. I decided to spurge a bit and buy myself a pina colada....once Corbin had one taste he was not going to share or give it back...
My two silly boys cheesing it.
We are excited for this new year....I'm a little anxious to know what it will bring and where we will be...

Monday, December 30, 2013

Bitter-Sweet Love/Hate

A few things lately that I guess I can say I have a little love/hate relationship with. Of course first on my mind is my pregnancy. I must say I feel great for the most part-energy is still low some days but I am blaming that more on all the sugar I have been eating. So I love the 2nd trimester since overall I tend to feel better but I hate it because I am in the frumpy stage. Ugh. Once again holiday eating does not help my love handles that are growing at a freakishly fast rate. Most pregnant women have to go through this stage of just looking fat--well its kinda depressing for me right now. I am pretty extra hard on myself knowing that I could have been eating better.
Another little love/hate relationship is Corbin's love for the t.v. I didn't want him to be a child who watches a lot of movies or t.v. I really like to try to limit how much he watches knowing its not the best activity for him to be doing. But lately he has really learned to love watching movies (since we really don't have t.v.) I must say I think its kinda cute that he gets so excited to watch something-his favorite right now is the movie "Cars" he seriously could watch it everyday. And if we are at Grandma/pa Jensens he wants to watch "mouse" which is Mickey Mouse. I usually can distract him at home and start playing with toys or do something else and he forgets about it but some days he is persistent. But really he starts playing with his toys and doesn't just sit and watch the movie and do nothing else for too long. And again it is really nice if he can just sit down and be distracted and I can get a few things done-I just can't let him for too long cause I start to feel guilty. Gotta love how moms can be hard on ourselves for certain things.
Lastly...another bitter sweet thing happening...well Jesse has been wanting to get a new car-especially since we are having a second child. I haven't been in a rush and am really having a hard time thinking about saying goodbye to the tacoma. :( but the time has come. My sister was selling her Acadia-which Jesse has always love that car. Knowing its coming from my sister and we know how they treated their car it was a good opportunity to "upgrade" to a more family friendly car. I know I will appreciate and love the car-my sister had a hard time saying goodbye to it-I know it will be an easier and better car for having two kids I just love my truck. Goodbye Tacoma-you will be missed. Hello Acadia-which has much better upgrades I must add.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Well the news is out!

Corbin is going to be one cool big brother! ( I snapped this picture at the hospital right after my appt yesterday-He wouldn't take off his sunglasses and wouldn't let go of the ultrasound pictures so I thought it would be a good time to try to take a photo of him-and it worked out great!)
Well...I couldn't keep it a secret from everyone else much longer...my family had to know basically right away. (I am not good at lying) If anyone asked they knew because I can't lie very well about it-and I didn't care too much at that point if people know. And if you have seen me lately you probably could have guessed because I have gain plenty of weight already...and not just baby weight. sadly. Thats just what happens when you feel like crap...you eat like crap. (just eating a bunch of carbs-love/hate relationship)
Man oh man we had some rough weeks around here! Sickness started at 6 weeks but wasn't too bad..then 7 weeks it got a little worse and by 8 weeks I wanted to die. But I am almost positive I got the flu or something else as well. I was so sick one day...thankfully it was a Saturday and I was rescued by my mother. I just cried from being in pain and exhausted. I was so so dizzy!! That was the first day I actually threw up as well. It takes a lot for me to throw up...but thats also what makes me feel like I had something else as well. And the fact that I woke up with the whole body achy and sore..my neck was extremely stiff and it was pregnancy sickness to another level. Most the time I lay around all day feeling nauseous but pretty sure I wont throw up...just have that awful feeling all day. The joy of pregnancy sickness...yeah I don't call it morning sickness when it is all day. I have definitely felt a lot of love from Jesse, my Mom, and other friends that have helped or check in on me. No need to keep pregnancy a secret when you are in survival mode some days. 
Hate to sound so negative about being pregnant when really I am very happy about it! I feel very blessed. We did have to try for a few months and I got that tiny tiny glimpse of what infertility could feel like...not comparing at all since I know people have to try for years and years and some still are not successful...my heart aches but I know Heavenly Father is in charge and has a plan for everyone. So to complain about being sick being pregnant, I feel like I am being ungrateful. I mostly document it for journaling purposes because I tend to forget and with my next I will probably say the same-that I don't remember being this sick and tired! ha!....and to of course remember the love I feel from others...and to hopefully be reminded to help others out if needed at that time in there lives. 
Thankfully around week 9-10 I started feeling better again. Still have rough days or moments but I was functional again! ha! I still had to eat just a sleeve of saltine crackers cause nothing else sounds good and I was starving. That I think might be one of the craziest symptoms to me because I have always loved food. Love to eat! But it sure changes there for a while. If I find something that sounds good or taste good (usually something not so healthy) then I don't have a problem eating. But it was mostly all the food in my house made me sick to think about. Makes feeding Corbin hard as well.
But I feel pretty good now for the most part! Can't complain at all now. I actually wrote most of this when I was about 10 weeks because if I would have written it right now I would not have sounded as dramatic about being sick because I haven't been lately and thankfully I kinda forget about it. But we are excited to have another baby join our crazy family-official due date June 14, 2014! :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby Jesus

A month or so ago I tried to teach Corbin who Jesus was with the pictures in our house and a statue. When I first taught him who Jesus was he thought any bearded man was basically Jesus but I think he now knows a little better. When we go to church and walking through the halls he will point to the different pictures hanging up and say "Jesus!" We also have a little childrens bible book..and he only likes to read the page with Jesus on it.  I know I can't really teach him much about Him at this age but I am happy that he can recognize Him and have interest in Him. Now the last couple days he has really liked the Little People Nativity set we have. But he is mostly obsessed with little baby Jesus. He was anxious to get out of bed this morning-as he usually is to hurry and go down stairs and eat. (he takes after me-I have to eat basically right when I get up) but today he skipped the kitchen and said "Jesus!" "baby" and pointed to the Nativity. The first thing he wanted to do was go play with baby Jesus! Proud mama here!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

more laundry?

Well...I have come to a conclusion..not one I am necessarily wanting to admit (cause who likes to admit their weaknesses?) but it is what it is. 
 I get easily overwhelmed. 
I really don't know why or what causes it but I am hoping from admitting it maybe I can be able to work on it?... I know the simple answers to help..."take one thing at a time" "don't try to do everything at once" "you don't have to be a superstar in every area of your life" "baby steps" etc etc. Those things do help...but not quite fixing my problem. I have been like this for some time I am afraid (not just these past months-but definitely has gotten worse I feel like) I don't know why the little things I need to do turn into being overwhelming and then sometimes I dread them. Or I have come to a conclusion that I am sick of doing dishes and laundry every day? Its just not my thing....Ya know its just easier to sit around and be lazy I guess. ugh I sounds horrible. I need to get out of this rut. Sometimes I say that I am too hard on myself and then other days I say I need to be harder and push myself. I guess I need to find a happy medium. ok vent is over-maybe I should start on this laundry...ok maybe just one basket for now. ;)