Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas 2015

Oh man, these bog post are just something that gets put on the back burner lately and I totally forget about it. But here I am trying to catch up with a Christmas post. We of course went to Utah to spend it with family. Jesse was lucky to be able to get off the whole week. We started driving Saturday morning and got to Utah just in time for the Haws Christmas Party. We always have it at Camping World and have dinner, get our gifts from the Grandparents, and play games. By the end of the night I was exhausted-its weird how traveling can do that even though you sit in the car all day long...well lets be honest trying to entertain the two boys on the 7 hour drive is exhausting ha!

Sunday we had my Mom's Christmas Party. We had a little breakfast/brunch and did the 3 favorite things gift exchange. Monday Jesse went into work for a bit-surprise surprise right? I was able to go visit my friend Anna and then we had the Jensen family Christmas party out in Plain City-which always consist of Dinner, a spiritual message, Santa-which I think was our 7th time seeing/sitting on his lap this year, PiƱata-which both boys enjoyed, and horseshoe contest...maybe one year I will make it past the first round with that!
 Corbin attempting to look like the Hulk
Then Ill be honest the rest of the week was kinda a blur haha. Christmas Eve we went to my moms for breakfast then I ended up staying there with the kids because Gavin was kinda sick-he just couldn't wake up and wanted to sleep most the day. (only woke up enough to eat like 5 plates of food--mostly berries then fall right back asleep) He wasn't having any other symptoms thankfully but the excessive sleep had me a little worried. I was able to stay and FaceTime with Matt-which was way nice to be able to chat with him there and thankfully it worked on my phone for my mom. Jesse went with his family to a movie and dinner and ended up coming home really sick-throwing up multiple times. We did the sibling exchange as Jesse laid on the couch feeling awful. As I was getting Gavin ready for bed he randomly throws up--it wasn't like sick throw up though with the awful smell and he wasn't acting sick before or after and thankfully it was just a one time thing. Corbin and I stayed clear of all sicknesses.
Christmas morning my kids surprising slept in. Jesse was of still sick and completely exhausted so he stayed in bed quite a while. Gavin didn't totally understand the concept of presents and Corbin was happy with the simple things. We hung out at the Jensens all morning and then went to my moms in the evening and spent time with her and my Dad and Lezlee came over for a bit as well visiting us and Tyler.
Saturday we went to boondocks and played the arcades and the kids did a little kid bowling. We stayed till Sunday since Megan was blessing Rudy and then we headed back home. The week is always fun but very exhausting and always feels good to be back home in our own space. Gavin slept awful while we were there and overnight basically slept on me so we all got awful sleep so it really felt good to be back in our own beds. Someday we will have the best of both-as far as having our own being in Utah! ;) And of course being able to spend more time with family whenever will be great. Corbin and Gavin absolutely love spending time and playing with their cousins and is always super sad to leave and is always asking to go back every day for the next week at least.