Saturday, August 29, 2015

Utah time--back in May.

oh so much to get caught up on…and I already know by me starting to write this right now-this post might not be finished for a while but at least I am starting ha! Now the hard part trying to remember everything. I really wish I could be better (well if I just could focus more time) on keeping this updated regularly. Seems like life tends to be all or nothin as far as us doing things.
So back in May after we went to San Diego as a family we went straight to Utah right after! As soon as we got there we went straight to Salt Lake City with the Jensen family and went to lunch at the gateway then saw the fountains after…Corbin immediately yelled "splash pad!!" they started running through them a little-most the kids avoiding the water pretty well and not getting too wet but Corbin decided he didn't mind getting soaking wet! At first I figured oh well let him have fun…until after when I realized he's soaking wet and freezing and I don't have anything to change him into. (There isn't a single kid clothing store at the gateway anymore…the place is pretty deserted ha!) I thankfully had his jacket I could put on him and had a random pair of extra undies in my diaper bag. They wanted to go to the space museum place after just to look around and I didn't want Corbin to miss out since he wanted to be with his cousins..but once we got inside I was feeling pretty white trash with him in undies and a jacket…so thankfully I had the great idea of using my jacket as pants for him and they worked out great! :) And then we rode the front runner home which all the kids think is pretty cool! They really do love being all together!
The main reason we went to Utah this time was because I signed myself up for the Ogden half marathon in the fall…one to try to get myself back into shape (which is didn't totally help me until like 2 months before) and two to know I had a time I was going back to Utah for sure to see family! :) My mom, sister Candace, and friend Ran and his daughters all signed up for it. Their was rumor it was going to ran but you never know how bad. It rained last time I ran the Ogden marathon and by the end I was so exhausted and frozen that I wanted to die..I definitely didn't want the same experience. We rode up on the buses early morning and the sky was looking pretty cloudy and dark. I just was hoping it wasn't going to be pouring rain the whole time…well it definitely was! The rain started a little before the race and it only came down harder and harder as time went on. Soaking wet the whole time. Candace finish first of course and sadly she got to the miserable stage since he body cooled down too much by the time we all finished. I'll be honest its not as fun to run a race when you don't have the little "after party" at the end of the race. When its pouring rain you want to find shelter and your things and just get out of there. I don't mind running in the rain (of course not my first choice but I would probably take it over being extremely hot) but its sad when you don't really feel like its a race at the end. I was happy with how I did..not my PR but close to it. I think I finished under 1:50…but I don't remember my official time now..I wanna say 1:48.
 And a few extra random pictures of the rest of our time there. We try to fit time hanging out with everyone!