Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidays and Hunting

Christmas came and is gone and it was good! I am enjoying this Holiday break but I can't believe school starts again this coming Monday. Last semester until I can be an RN! :) We have enjoyed all the parties and time with the family. I forgot to mention while sitting on Santa's lap he decided to make us kiss because we are still newlyweds..a little embarrassing..but we got what we wanted for Christmas so it was worth it! ;) Clothes, boots, rice cooker, wheat grinder, camping/backpacking stuff, movies and a new t.v. stand and more. Thank you!

Monday morning Jesse and I woke up earlier and went rabbit hunting with his brother Matt and Dad and a bunch of other guys. We drove up to Snowville-didn't know the town existed out in the middle of nowhere in Utah. I wasn't sure about hunting rabbits at first..why kill innocent little rabbits? Jesse assured me that "they" wanted us to kill them because their are too many and they are causing problems (I am not quite sure if he said that to make me feel better or if its true). I had never gone hunting before so I figured why not give it a try. The first little while of walking around..Nothing! I finally saw a little bird walking on the ground and pointed it out to Jesse..and then yes he shot and killed it! I think I saw one jack rabbit within the first hour...I have to admit I thought hunting was pretty lame and then thought maybe guys go hunting just to feel tough but nothing really happens when they go. But the second half had a lot more action. The first rabbit we killed I stilled felt kinda bad..Jesse gave me the honors of finishing it off but I just couldn't. After the 2nd one we killed I figured finishing it off would be putting it out of its misery..and shooting a gun is fun! We ended up killing 4 jack rabbits. (When I say 'we' I mean Jesse did, I might have slightly nicked one or two to slow it down enough for Jesse to blow off its foot or other body part) Jesse has quite the shot and I felt confident that if hunting was our only means of food I would not go hungry.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the Season!

Wow! Since school as gotten out it seems like so much has gone on. I feel that I have been way busy but doing fun things! That is how the holidays are! :)
It's our First Christmas together! :) Therefore we didn't have much to decorate with but we do love the little we have. I actually even made one. We love our small tree because our parents have gotten us ornaments every year so we have quite a few-we will have to upgrade to a bigger tree in the future.
We went to Salt lake to see Temple Square lights with my sister and brother-in-law and my little nephew Max!
The weekend after finals were done we went up to the Jensen Cabin in Bear Lake just for Friday night and Saturday morning. We went with Megan and Dallin-the newly engaged couple :) -Megan is Jesse's sister-Trevor and Kelsey-Dallin's brother and sister-in-law-, and my sister Courtney and Christopher and Max!

That Saturday night we had my friend Christmas party had a wonderful dinner and white elephant. It was so good to get together with all of them!
This pass weekend was the weekend of parties for us. 
Thursday-we had Jesse's work part at the Lion house. 
Friday-we skipped out on our ward party to go to dinner and Ogden lights with the family. 
Saturday-we had the Haw's party-Jesse's Mom side of the family-up in Newton-by Logan-which I was reminded of my wonderful ticket I received for speeding out in the middle of nowhere when Jesse and I went up there to stay when we were EFY counselors together-good story...big ticket.
Sunday-We had the opportunity to go to The Motab Christmas concert with David Archuleta we both really enjoyed it besides we waited in line to get in the building for around 40 minutes-their was huge lines everywhere but it was worth it. We got together as Jensen siblings and did our Christmas present exchange and after we went down to my Grandparents house and had the Eddy Christmas Party. We had a good time with the ugly sweaters.
Monday night we went to the big Jensen Christmas Party out in Plain City. Santa comes every year and I figured out Jesse and I have to sit on Santa's lap till we have kids of our own. It is a tradition to play Mexican horseshoe-its fun I just wish I was a little better because you play for a little cash!
Now I think we will be able to just hang out and relax till Christmas.
"First we'll make snow angels for two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat an entire roll of Toll House cooke dough as fast as we can, and then to finish, we'll snuggle"!
watched that one already..I am hoping to get in all of our favorites this week!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So as most know I work as a CNA doing home health and hospice care. I enjoy it for the most part, usually I think its better than a CNA job at the hospital because I can basically choose my own hours and work around my school, my patients aren't always really sick, I do a variety of things from cleaning to showering to shopping/running errands to doing hair and nails-basically anything you can think of. The majority of my patients are pleasant and nice for the most part. Of course I am sick of CNA work and wish to get an LPN job since I am licensed to be one and of course I have bad days and mean patients. Today I had an experience that made me want a new job even more. 
Warning the following story is a little disturbing..I probably shouldn't share it but..
I will leave out some details.
So Today I went to an older person who lives in a trailer home with 5 other people who I think all of them have some type of mental disability. They are all very kind and nice to me while I am there and love to talk to me. Today I had to be there 3 hours to clean their place. Now think of one of those people who have a really dirty house and have way too much stuff for such a small think of that times 5..thats about how this place looked. I decided to start in the kitchen. The floor was covered with a bunch of their belongings and trash and whatever else. One of the men who live there decided to help me and move the stuff to other places so I could sweep and mop the floor. Very nice of him. I probably swept up at least 5 huge dust pans full of stuff. Now to the best part...
The guy picked up one of the big boxes and bugs scattered everywhere!!
I don't even know what kind of bugs they were but it just reminded me of little cockroaches.
I absolutely freaked as one almost crawled over my feet!
They scattered to under the fridge or oven or anywhere they could go.
To make it even better that man decided to try to kill them..with his own bare hands..then wipe it on his pants! I could not believe my eyes!
The rest of the time I was there I felt like there were bugs crawling on me.
I immediately came home after and cleaned my clothes.

But just so you know I am now one step closer to being done with school and getting my RN. Then I am hoping to move up on the job world. I am officially done with this semester of school! Took my finals..satisfied with my scores! Such a relief!

Today Jesse and I also went and cleaned the Mill in Kaysville. If you ever want to get into a big flour fight that is the place to go. I have chocolate cake powder up my nose from sweeping so much of it up.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gotta Love My Ankle.

I have been playing indoor soccer on a women's league the past little while. I was leaving to my game and Jesse had to come later because he had to workout as well. Right before I leave Jesse says something like "Love you..Have fun...Don't break your ankle"
(I have hurt my ankles quite a bit growing up playing soccer.)
Yes..10 minutes after Jesse got to my game I TWISTED MY ANKLE! 
Unbearable pain for the 2-3 minutes as I squirm on the field.
Please just let me walk tomorrow without looking like a complete fool as I go take my final.
Actually I hope its not so stiff and painful so I can drive and go to work tomorrow.
Gotta love my ankles!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where are you motivation?...

Goodness..I have no motivation to do anything with school.
This is another way I find to avoid studying.
I don't remember being this burned out with school! 
I am having the hardest time..I just stare at my books getting no where.
I thought maybe the whole little Thanksgiving break and getting away for the weekend would spark some motivation to finish off the semester but I think it made it worse because I just feel like that should of been the end of the semester. I am not meaning this is a negative way I am actually worried that I am like this..but I feel that many people are also struggling with this complete burned out feeling with school-or maybe I have been surrounded by a bunch of nursing students who have been overloaded for the past year. I usually enjoy school and learning so I think that is what makes me harder for me. 
But I must say I am glad I have Jesse here with me. He helps me get through school. The only problem is right when he gets home from work I for sure don't want to do anything with school-its Me and Jesse time the rest of the day! :)

As far as Thanksgiving-We spent the day with the Eddy family. The usual overeating and wanting the throw up feeling. It was good to be together with all the fam! 
Friday morning we flew out to vegas to be with the Jensen family for Matt's football tournament. Sadly I have to admit I think I ate buffet style for 4 days straight at least one meal a day.. Wow..
We did a lot of eating and shopping. Sounds pretty typical.
We drove home Sunday. It took us a good 10 hours at an average of 45 mph. We saw at least 2 dozen cars off the road. Good thing that motor home is heavy and didn't slide around much and I was able to watch 2 movies to pass the time! (2 of my favorite: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Toy Story 3)

2 finals to finish then almost a month of no school! I can do this! I know my hard work will pay off! I am excited for the holidays and the spirit and happiness it brings-but especially the fact that we can relax and not worry about homework! :)