Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So as most know I work as a CNA doing home health and hospice care. I enjoy it for the most part, usually I think its better than a CNA job at the hospital because I can basically choose my own hours and work around my school, my patients aren't always really sick, I do a variety of things from cleaning to showering to shopping/running errands to doing hair and nails-basically anything you can think of. The majority of my patients are pleasant and nice for the most part. Of course I am sick of CNA work and wish to get an LPN job since I am licensed to be one and of course I have bad days and mean patients. Today I had an experience that made me want a new job even more. 
Warning the following story is a little disturbing..I probably shouldn't share it but..
I will leave out some details.
So Today I went to an older person who lives in a trailer home with 5 other people who I think all of them have some type of mental disability. They are all very kind and nice to me while I am there and love to talk to me. Today I had to be there 3 hours to clean their place. Now think of one of those people who have a really dirty house and have way too much stuff for such a small think of that times 5..thats about how this place looked. I decided to start in the kitchen. The floor was covered with a bunch of their belongings and trash and whatever else. One of the men who live there decided to help me and move the stuff to other places so I could sweep and mop the floor. Very nice of him. I probably swept up at least 5 huge dust pans full of stuff. Now to the best part...
The guy picked up one of the big boxes and bugs scattered everywhere!!
I don't even know what kind of bugs they were but it just reminded me of little cockroaches.
I absolutely freaked as one almost crawled over my feet!
They scattered to under the fridge or oven or anywhere they could go.
To make it even better that man decided to try to kill them..with his own bare hands..then wipe it on his pants! I could not believe my eyes!
The rest of the time I was there I felt like there were bugs crawling on me.
I immediately came home after and cleaned my clothes.

But just so you know I am now one step closer to being done with school and getting my RN. Then I am hoping to move up on the job world. I am officially done with this semester of school! Took my finals..satisfied with my scores! Such a relief!

Today Jesse and I also went and cleaned the Mill in Kaysville. If you ever want to get into a big flour fight that is the place to go. I have chocolate cake powder up my nose from sweeping so much of it up.


  1. You did a lot of cleaning today. Your story reminds me of my short-lived job I had. It is crazy and down right disgusting how some people live!

  2. Have you ever seen that show called Hoarders? That is exactly what you described, you should watch it. It gives me anxiety watching it because they are so bad! More power to ya for handling it!