Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidays and Hunting

Christmas came and is gone and it was good! I am enjoying this Holiday break but I can't believe school starts again this coming Monday. Last semester until I can be an RN! :) We have enjoyed all the parties and time with the family. I forgot to mention while sitting on Santa's lap he decided to make us kiss because we are still newlyweds..a little embarrassing..but we got what we wanted for Christmas so it was worth it! ;) Clothes, boots, rice cooker, wheat grinder, camping/backpacking stuff, movies and a new t.v. stand and more. Thank you!

Monday morning Jesse and I woke up earlier and went rabbit hunting with his brother Matt and Dad and a bunch of other guys. We drove up to Snowville-didn't know the town existed out in the middle of nowhere in Utah. I wasn't sure about hunting rabbits at first..why kill innocent little rabbits? Jesse assured me that "they" wanted us to kill them because their are too many and they are causing problems (I am not quite sure if he said that to make me feel better or if its true). I had never gone hunting before so I figured why not give it a try. The first little while of walking around..Nothing! I finally saw a little bird walking on the ground and pointed it out to Jesse..and then yes he shot and killed it! I think I saw one jack rabbit within the first hour...I have to admit I thought hunting was pretty lame and then thought maybe guys go hunting just to feel tough but nothing really happens when they go. But the second half had a lot more action. The first rabbit we killed I stilled felt kinda bad..Jesse gave me the honors of finishing it off but I just couldn't. After the 2nd one we killed I figured finishing it off would be putting it out of its misery..and shooting a gun is fun! We ended up killing 4 jack rabbits. (When I say 'we' I mean Jesse did, I might have slightly nicked one or two to slow it down enough for Jesse to blow off its foot or other body part) Jesse has quite the shot and I felt confident that if hunting was our only means of food I would not go hungry.

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