Thursday, June 30, 2011

Liberty Park

Yesterday was my first time I went to Liberty Park in Salt Lake.
Jesse referred to it as "The place they filmed that movie about that guy converting the girl to the gospel they get married and then she dies..."
Wow..umm yes that would be Charly.
The Ferris Wheel is there and all. so cute.
Anyways to went there for Jesse's work party. Had a BBQ and played some games.
It is such a pretty place. and very Big!
Alot to do there to entertain yourself..playing on all the playgrounds, sports, swimming in the streams, feed the ducks, a few carnival rides, watching many people do their various workouts, random people lingering around..and much more.
I definitely would like to go there again! Good place to take the Fam!
The cute family of ducks!
We attempted to ride the paddle boats but they closed them because it rained for like 10 minutes.. 
 I love summer and going to fun pretty places! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sibling Time

Yesterday I woke up and laid around for a bit and had very little motivation to do anything. I knew I could clean and organize things..I knew I needed to exercise (but it was already getting hot outside)..I knew I had plenty to do..but I just didn't feel like doing anything. I don't like being home alone.
Thankfully my day changed quickly to much better than I thought it was going to be.
I spent about 5 hours with my siblings-Candace, Tyler, and Matt-in the sun!
We first went on a bike ride together. Candace and I were on the tandem. 
Bike ride on tandem=sore bottom. It was a good bike out!
Half way through the bike ride it was getting quite hot and we thought it would be nice to go swimming.
Jesse's parents have a swimming pool and it was perfect to go spend a couple hours there after. and we brought Eli along with us.
The flips
The glare. He wasn't too sure about the pool at first.
The cheeser!
plenty of pool basketball
and of course the attempted sweet moves while jumping off the diving board and trying to make a basket..ha!
Let just say my picture of my tan line from the post below is not as bad is how I look now.
Yes, I forgot to put any sun screen on and my poor skin that hasn't seen the sun in a while is quite red.
It was so good to spend time with all of them! and kinda surprising that they..(my brothers) would spend the day together since friends are much better to hang out with at their age.
Now this is more like summer. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Weekend.

Friday morning I could not get my self to wake up early and go running before I had to go do a visit for work. So I got home around 10:15ish and knew I had to go for a longer run..I was nervous to do it by myself and it took me about an hour to talk myself into it. I made myself a little running playlist on my ipod and mapped out a route ( ) and left a little before noon! 
NOON-who goes running in the afternoon in June?
I was grateful for the slight breeze I had most the time though.
I ran 12.5 miles. Only marathon training would talk me into that. Longest I have ever run so far- I might as well of ran the 0.6 miles more and made it a half marathon. It wasn't easy for me-by myself. But its only the beginning of longer runs.
and I have a nice tan line from my ipod band-but the music is what kept me going.
Friday afternoon we made a quick decision to go up to Bear Lake just for the night because Jesse's Dad went up there to do some work on the Cabin-and we thought we would keep him company! :)
A quick one night "trip" but something about the cabin is relaxing.
We four wheeled up the canyon to the top of the hill to enjoy the pretty view!
Saturday morning June 18, 2011 William Scott Peterson was born! 8 lbs 6 oz
We are so happy to have another cute nephew! :)
Congrats to Brooklyn and Chris!
Saturday Evening-BBQ for Father's Day! :)

Tayah and Elijah
I love all the family time we get together! Can't replace that with anything! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exhausting week for me..

This last week was just an exhausting week for me...It had it's up and downs. Thank goodness for Sundays when I can sleep in! :) Well at least just lay in bed in the morning and drift in and out of sleep because my body doesn't know how to "sleep in" very well anymore since it is used to waking up early. And Jesse is exactly the same.
I worked full time this week-which I am happy about. I should be working full time since it is summer. That also means I woke up Thursday and Friday at 3 AM to work my 12 hour shifts. Working 12 hour shifts has it pros and cons. But I can't complain too much I think I enjoy only having to work 3 days a week and be full time. I am just pretty exhausted at the end of the day though.

Saturday morning Jesse and I ran our Ward 5k together! I am happy he was willing to do it again with me. I did run 9 miles before the 5k with my Mom-(part of training for the marathon) so the rest of the day I was pretty tired-longer runs can do that to you.

It's official we have our Lagoon Season passes. We went on Saturday with Jesse's Mom, Brooklyn, and Macie to take our pictures for our passes, have Macie ride a few rides..and walk around so Brooklyn's little boy William can make his way out soon! ;)
Just being there made me nervous about getting sick on the rides-I hope I can handle it so we can enjoy them. I at least know now I can handle Puff the Magic Dragon without being sick! :)
After we went to Costa Vida and the Temple to finish off the end of a good day! 
It was nice to spend the whole day together.

Monday, June 6, 2011

These past weekends..

Well I must say I don't feel like it's "summer"-as far as school is out-which has been since April for me though. The weather has been quite rainy for the most part, I still have been studying to take boards, and Jesse and I both work and haven't gotten away and done much yet. Gotta make the money to pay the bills (tuition for Jesse this fall..ugh) But hopefully soon the fun of summer will begin-We have Raging Water Season passes and Lagoon season passes-where to find the time to go is now the problem.
Memorial Day weekend was Jesse's brother Matt's weekend.
Friday he had a rugby game which they won and put them in the state championship game on Saturday. On Saturday morning Matt was woken up by a stomach ache.
We got to the game and figured out Matt was attempting to warm up for the game but was not feeling well.  The game started and he was not playing. We all thought it was maybe his nerves getting to him and he needed to tough it out and get out there and play. Jesse went and talk to him at half time to maybe convince him but he said he just couldn't it hurt too much.
After the game our plan had been to leave up to Bear Lake and spend the rest of the weekend just relaxing up at the Cabin. Matt's stomach was hurting even worse. They decided they will take him to the doctor's while the rest of us head up and we will just meet up.
We got to Logan to figure out Matt was going to Mckay Dee and possibly going into surgery.
We drove back down to Ogden and gave Matt a blessing and he went into surgery to get his appendix removed. It had ruptured. Poor guy! 
He spent the next couple days in the hospital. But he is now home and doing much better.
This past weekend was Tyler's weekend-my brother.
We went to his High school graduation.
I have to admit I didn't think I would be going to a graduation for him a couple years ago.
But I am proud of him for working hard and being able to graduate.
He was actually asked to give a short speech just a little bit before graduation started since someone did not show up. He did a great job!
And I can't forget that Friday was also National Donut Day.
A reason to eat a donut..right?
Jesse brought it to my attention when we had time to waste before Tyler's graduation.
The Krispie Kreme on University Blvd was a perfect spot to celebrate!

Saturday I had to work all day. But it was good to come home to Jesse and he said it well 
"Wife, movie, slurpee, popcorn. Perfect"