Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Weekend.

Friday morning I could not get my self to wake up early and go running before I had to go do a visit for work. So I got home around 10:15ish and knew I had to go for a longer run..I was nervous to do it by myself and it took me about an hour to talk myself into it. I made myself a little running playlist on my ipod and mapped out a route ( ) and left a little before noon! 
NOON-who goes running in the afternoon in June?
I was grateful for the slight breeze I had most the time though.
I ran 12.5 miles. Only marathon training would talk me into that. Longest I have ever run so far- I might as well of ran the 0.6 miles more and made it a half marathon. It wasn't easy for me-by myself. But its only the beginning of longer runs.
and I have a nice tan line from my ipod band-but the music is what kept me going.
Friday afternoon we made a quick decision to go up to Bear Lake just for the night because Jesse's Dad went up there to do some work on the Cabin-and we thought we would keep him company! :)
A quick one night "trip" but something about the cabin is relaxing.
We four wheeled up the canyon to the top of the hill to enjoy the pretty view!
Saturday morning June 18, 2011 William Scott Peterson was born! 8 lbs 6 oz
We are so happy to have another cute nephew! :)
Congrats to Brooklyn and Chris!
Saturday Evening-BBQ for Father's Day! :)

Tayah and Elijah
I love all the family time we get together! Can't replace that with anything! :)

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