Monday, June 6, 2011

These past weekends..

Well I must say I don't feel like it's "summer"-as far as school is out-which has been since April for me though. The weather has been quite rainy for the most part, I still have been studying to take boards, and Jesse and I both work and haven't gotten away and done much yet. Gotta make the money to pay the bills (tuition for Jesse this fall..ugh) But hopefully soon the fun of summer will begin-We have Raging Water Season passes and Lagoon season passes-where to find the time to go is now the problem.
Memorial Day weekend was Jesse's brother Matt's weekend.
Friday he had a rugby game which they won and put them in the state championship game on Saturday. On Saturday morning Matt was woken up by a stomach ache.
We got to the game and figured out Matt was attempting to warm up for the game but was not feeling well.  The game started and he was not playing. We all thought it was maybe his nerves getting to him and he needed to tough it out and get out there and play. Jesse went and talk to him at half time to maybe convince him but he said he just couldn't it hurt too much.
After the game our plan had been to leave up to Bear Lake and spend the rest of the weekend just relaxing up at the Cabin. Matt's stomach was hurting even worse. They decided they will take him to the doctor's while the rest of us head up and we will just meet up.
We got to Logan to figure out Matt was going to Mckay Dee and possibly going into surgery.
We drove back down to Ogden and gave Matt a blessing and he went into surgery to get his appendix removed. It had ruptured. Poor guy! 
He spent the next couple days in the hospital. But he is now home and doing much better.
This past weekend was Tyler's weekend-my brother.
We went to his High school graduation.
I have to admit I didn't think I would be going to a graduation for him a couple years ago.
But I am proud of him for working hard and being able to graduate.
He was actually asked to give a short speech just a little bit before graduation started since someone did not show up. He did a great job!
And I can't forget that Friday was also National Donut Day.
A reason to eat a donut..right?
Jesse brought it to my attention when we had time to waste before Tyler's graduation.
The Krispie Kreme on University Blvd was a perfect spot to celebrate!

Saturday I had to work all day. But it was good to come home to Jesse and he said it well 
"Wife, movie, slurpee, popcorn. Perfect"

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