Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exhausting week for me..

This last week was just an exhausting week for me...It had it's up and downs. Thank goodness for Sundays when I can sleep in! :) Well at least just lay in bed in the morning and drift in and out of sleep because my body doesn't know how to "sleep in" very well anymore since it is used to waking up early. And Jesse is exactly the same.
I worked full time this week-which I am happy about. I should be working full time since it is summer. That also means I woke up Thursday and Friday at 3 AM to work my 12 hour shifts. Working 12 hour shifts has it pros and cons. But I can't complain too much I think I enjoy only having to work 3 days a week and be full time. I am just pretty exhausted at the end of the day though.

Saturday morning Jesse and I ran our Ward 5k together! I am happy he was willing to do it again with me. I did run 9 miles before the 5k with my Mom-(part of training for the marathon) so the rest of the day I was pretty tired-longer runs can do that to you.

It's official we have our Lagoon Season passes. We went on Saturday with Jesse's Mom, Brooklyn, and Macie to take our pictures for our passes, have Macie ride a few rides..and walk around so Brooklyn's little boy William can make his way out soon! ;)
Just being there made me nervous about getting sick on the rides-I hope I can handle it so we can enjoy them. I at least know now I can handle Puff the Magic Dragon without being sick! :)
After we went to Costa Vida and the Temple to finish off the end of a good day! 
It was nice to spend the whole day together.


  1. Fun! Running a 5k sounds better than being pregnant right now..thats weird!! Thanks for going to lagoon, Macie LOVES rissa and jesse. I stole the pictures =)

  2. I totally remember you throwing up on the tidal wave... awesome! Haha. Love it! But we should run together sometime! After I get my butt into more shape that is- the farthest i have ran so far is like 5 miles-- Ah! Are you doing the kaysville 10k again!?