Thursday, June 30, 2011

Liberty Park

Yesterday was my first time I went to Liberty Park in Salt Lake.
Jesse referred to it as "The place they filmed that movie about that guy converting the girl to the gospel they get married and then she dies..."
Wow..umm yes that would be Charly.
The Ferris Wheel is there and all. so cute.
Anyways to went there for Jesse's work party. Had a BBQ and played some games.
It is such a pretty place. and very Big!
Alot to do there to entertain yourself..playing on all the playgrounds, sports, swimming in the streams, feed the ducks, a few carnival rides, watching many people do their various workouts, random people lingering around..and much more.
I definitely would like to go there again! Good place to take the Fam!
The cute family of ducks!
We attempted to ride the paddle boats but they closed them because it rained for like 10 minutes.. 
 I love summer and going to fun pretty places! :)

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