Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sibling Time

Yesterday I woke up and laid around for a bit and had very little motivation to do anything. I knew I could clean and organize things..I knew I needed to exercise (but it was already getting hot outside)..I knew I had plenty to do..but I just didn't feel like doing anything. I don't like being home alone.
Thankfully my day changed quickly to much better than I thought it was going to be.
I spent about 5 hours with my siblings-Candace, Tyler, and Matt-in the sun!
We first went on a bike ride together. Candace and I were on the tandem. 
Bike ride on tandem=sore bottom. It was a good bike out!
Half way through the bike ride it was getting quite hot and we thought it would be nice to go swimming.
Jesse's parents have a swimming pool and it was perfect to go spend a couple hours there after. and we brought Eli along with us.
The flips
The glare. He wasn't too sure about the pool at first.
The cheeser!
plenty of pool basketball
and of course the attempted sweet moves while jumping off the diving board and trying to make a basket..ha!
Let just say my picture of my tan line from the post below is not as bad is how I look now.
Yes, I forgot to put any sun screen on and my poor skin that hasn't seen the sun in a while is quite red.
It was so good to spend time with all of them! and kinda surprising that they..(my brothers) would spend the day together since friends are much better to hang out with at their age.
Now this is more like summer. :)


  1. Amen! Summer is finally here, hallelujah. And spring break for sure girl, I'm dead serious! I'm on it :)