Tuesday, October 26, 2010

cArViNg PuMpKiNs! :)

First off, yes I am suppose to be doing homework right now because I have a ton to do. But everyone needs a break to do something they enjoy! School is coming along..busy! I am just thinking..just a little over a month left for this semester.. I can do it! Jesse has actually been busy studying as well lately! He takes the GMAT this Thursday!

So this last Sunday we were able to carve pumpkins at my mom's house! We highly enjoyed it! I just wanted to do it all night but eventually had to leave and go to bed!

Jesse's pumpkin:
Cute little guy!..missing a tooth.
Marissa's Pumpkin:
You can't look at that and not smile back!

Then my Mom wanted us to carve the squash, Jesse did a fine job!

Finished products:

Happy Halloween!..now it is crunch time to think of costumes!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wedding pictures..

Jesse and I went and took more pictures at the temple a while ago because on our wedding day it was pouring rain/snow (we were told it was confetti from heaven-celebrating for us :) ).Our photographer thought it would be a good idea to get a few more pictures since we weren't able to get much on our wedding day. I just posted a few. They are under pages on the right hand side.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Awesomness!

Last post I mentioned how we wanted to go hiking, this last week we were able to go up to the mountains 3 times! 
It was delightful! So Beautiful, We loved it!

We were able to go to Ogden and hike Waterfall Canyon. Their wasn't much of a waterfall since its October but there was all the fall leaves!

Then one day after work we drove up farmington canyon and we found a small trail!
Another highlight of my week, I was able to see my brother Tyler! We went out to dinner Friday night and hiking again up Bear Canyon saturday morning with my Dad!

Baby Elijah and Tyler
Mama Oram and Candace
Eria, baby Eli, and Brooke

Saturday evening we went out to a pumpkin patch!

I love my nephew Eli! What a Stud!
Saturday night we got together with some friends and Jesse had the great idea of making ginger bread haunted houses!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Starting Fall!

I just love when the seasons are changing. I am flooded with wonderful memories and it makes me excited! One great memory that I have to bring up since it was exactly one year ago today...Our First kiss! :) I am very happy I decided to kiss HIM that night! ;) I guess I will share the quick story... At this time last year I knew I liked Jesse-he was an amazing guy that had everything I wanted in a husband, but it scared me because I knew once I committed to dating him it would go fast since we knew each other so well.
 10/10/09 - I finally decided to have the "talk" with him and tell him how I am feeling, that I wanted to date him but take it slowly. 
Then when I was leaving he was giving me that look of
 "I want to kiss you, but I am suppose to take it slowly so I probably shouldn't..." 
So I had to ask him what he was thinking to tease him and He said "what do you think?" 
and I replied "Do you want me to show you or tell you"..as I was leaning in he slips in "show!"

I love October because of the leaves on the trees changing colors and I love going hiking up in the mountains and enjoying the many colors..we have attempted to go hiking a couples times lately but get busy with other things..hopefully before it gets too cold or snows we will get up to the mountains! :)

I love General Conference! Of course I had to bring it up! It always makes me SO HAPPY..but I am glad they come out in the Ensign because I was exhausted this year and have to admit I miss bits and parts of it!..

October always brings PUMPKIN SHAKES to Dairy Queen! Oh how we LOVE them! Good thing we got 2 buy one get one free coupons this year! On Oct 1st we had to start October right and enjoy one of the many to come! :)