Sunday, October 10, 2010

Starting Fall!

I just love when the seasons are changing. I am flooded with wonderful memories and it makes me excited! One great memory that I have to bring up since it was exactly one year ago today...Our First kiss! :) I am very happy I decided to kiss HIM that night! ;) I guess I will share the quick story... At this time last year I knew I liked Jesse-he was an amazing guy that had everything I wanted in a husband, but it scared me because I knew once I committed to dating him it would go fast since we knew each other so well.
 10/10/09 - I finally decided to have the "talk" with him and tell him how I am feeling, that I wanted to date him but take it slowly. 
Then when I was leaving he was giving me that look of
 "I want to kiss you, but I am suppose to take it slowly so I probably shouldn't..." 
So I had to ask him what he was thinking to tease him and He said "what do you think?" 
and I replied "Do you want me to show you or tell you" I was leaning in he slips in "show!"

I love October because of the leaves on the trees changing colors and I love going hiking up in the mountains and enjoying the many colors..we have attempted to go hiking a couples times lately but get busy with other things..hopefully before it gets too cold or snows we will get up to the mountains! :)

I love General Conference! Of course I had to bring it up! It always makes me SO HAPPY..but I am glad they come out in the Ensign because I was exhausted this year and have to admit I miss bits and parts of it!..

October always brings PUMPKIN SHAKES to Dairy Queen! Oh how we LOVE them! Good thing we got 2 buy one get one free coupons this year! On Oct 1st we had to start October right and enjoy one of the many to come! :)


  1. I want one of those blizzards! There's not a dairy queen in Logan, well I'm not aware of one that is :(

  2. I love your first kiss story! Soo cute!