Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let the holiday season begin.

Let the holiday season begin....to give me something to do! :) ha
Yes I still have not found a job up here in Logan. It's been a month almost now that my flu shot job I had ended. It's sad that it's so hard to find a nursing job up here but we are trying to look at it as a blessing since I have not been feeling the best and it has given me time to relax and rest...and be lazy. I don't like the thought of no money coming in though. :( 
I am working a couple shifts down at my old job during December though.
But I am still in search for a job up in Logan. Even though we are down south quite a bit.
Especially with this holiday season we already have something planned every weekend down there it seems like.

I am in my 2nd trimester now and hopefully will start feeling better and I guess without either one of us having a job right now we get to spend a lot of time together since this is Jesse's and I last holiday season with just the two of us! crazy and exciting! :)
Last doctors appt went well. Baby still has a good heartbeat and everything look and sounds great. We will most likely find out the gender right before Christmas! :)

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. (Brought the camera down and didn't take a single picture..opps.) Spent Thanksgiving day at the Jensen's and on Saturday we got a 2nd Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom's house (there is never a dull moment at that house). It's weird that I couldn't eat as much as I thought I would be able to..but everyone tells me that will come back soon and its not necessarily a good thing. But I am ready to have my appetite back and actually enjoy eating since I have to.

This year with Jesse's Mom and sister I did the whole black friday shopping. (as Jesse did the typical go play/watch sports with the boys this weekend) I am not one that likes to fight crowds but I do enjoy getting some good deals of course. I didn't really have anything in mind that I needed but ended up buying a few things and we had a great time even at the creepy Walmart in Salt Lake.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am a great baby sitter.

I am a great babysitter for my nephew. One of the big reasons why my sister and brother-in-law are happy I live in Logan now. (which are the only ones who will enjoy this)

I took Max on a roller coaster ride.
 Then we went over to the aquarium.
Then distorted his self image to the point where he started waving and saying bye bye to himself.
Like Father-Like son
now just a video of Max enjoying his normal self. and trying to figure out how this works.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The party for my Wonderful Mother's 46th Birthday started at 11:11 AM!!
We had a great time spending time with the family eating lunch then fondue carmel apples for dessert!
We also played a few minute to win games!
and had a few laughs!
and we can't take a normal decent picture EVER! but we sure do have a good time together!

Saturday we were able to go down to Provo and watch Candace run in her Regional Race. She did awesome and will be running in Nationals this next coming monday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Big Announcement!

Ok...since I feel like basically everyone knows I might as well announce it here as well! :)
I got pretty bored one day at work and wrote this about Jesse and I:

It started with a kiss...
And let me tell you this
Just a little over a month later
He decided he wanted more that just to date her
He got down on one knee
And made her his bride to be

It started with a kiss...
And couldn't be better than this!
The Temple he took her to be
Married for time and all eternity
Now over a year they've been married and in Love
But someone had been waiting in Heaven above...

It started with a kiss...
And what has become of this?
They took the little test
And minutes later appeared a "yes"
A little baby you see
Will be joining this family!

Jesse and I are having a baby in MAY 2012!

We are both way excited, as you can see, and couldn't wait any longer to tell everyone!

We told the family with our wonderful Halloween costumes!
In Michigan since the whole Jensen Fam was there, then at my Moms house!

So was this planned? Many people have asks this. ha!
Yes it was! It was a surprise that it happen so fast but we both are ready and excited!
When did we find out? well..it was the week after my marathon. I thought I was suppose to start before my marathon and nothing happen and nothing after. Someone had given us this little test as a wedding gift-haha-and I decided to finally use it!

How have I been feeling? Well..I wish I could tell you it's been easy, but I must say some days are quite rough. I have basically felt like I am car sick most of the time and I want to throw up-but have not yet. Which I wonder if it would make me feel better sometimes? 

I am the typical pregnant women it seems like. I can smell everything and its horrible. Which is probably what makes me feel sick most of the time. This is the first time in my life when I have not liked food! It's so weird. I have always loved food-and its been a big problem. Now its my enemy even more-if I don't eat I get sick but its such a chore to eat sometimes.

Jesse has been the best! I really couldn't ask for a better husband! He has been so understanding and patient with me. He has to put up with too much right now! Complaining too much of not feeling well...not cleaning enough..lucky if I make dinner...and so on. (and it's only the beginning of pregnancy) I really do feel bad, but lucky to have someone who loves me so much!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Over Halloween weekend we were able to go visit Jeff, Ali, Quinn, and their newest addition Ella in Ann Arbor Michigan. The whole family went out there to meet cute little Ella who was born Oct. 4. It was so good to spend time with the Fam and hang out in Ann Arbor. ( I brought my camera but did not take pictures...so I had to rely on pictures everyone else took..thank you)

We went out to eat at Bucca Di Beppo for Ali's Birthday and sat at the famous Pope table. (my favorite part was the HUGE ice cream sundae-they say it had 13 brownies within it)
Yes, he sat in the middle of the table.
Jesse eating squid....gross.
Getting Michigan Apparel for the Big Game
The boys were able to go to the Homecoming game at the Big House! 112,000 people. Quite a large stadium. They loved it.
We went out to Detroit and rode the train around the (old) town. and of course went out to eat! At Pegasus-A Greek restaurant then to the bakery after.
And the Kiddos in the cute outfits.
The new addition Ella Jensen. Cute lil pumpkin.
We enjoyed our time in Michigan. And wish we could see them more often.

(next post...will be the big one. Ok not really anymore)