Friday, September 16, 2016

Grand Canyon and Bearizona

Jesse told me on his day of-Wednesday-that he would have the following Monday and Tuesday off because of Labor Day and then needing to switch his day off to Tuesday that week. I immediately thought well we need to take advantage of that and do something! I don't hate being home but I do enjoy getting out and doing things more than just cooking and cleaning and staying home! I knew we couldn't go too far because we wouldn't be able to leave until after church on Sunday. There's not a whole lot within a few hours of Vegas when I started looking. We had just been to St George and the beach (that would have been a little too far and Jesse doesn't love the beach anyways) we thought about doing a staycation type thing but I still wanted to go somewhere (cause you can always do an overnight staycation) 
I decided to go to Williams Arizona because there is the Grand Canyon train that I thought the boys would enjoy instead of sitting on the car even more and in there car seats. But the only downfall was that it would take longer to get there because the train isn't as fast. The boys were super excited to go on the train ride but yes it would have been nice if it was a little shorter of a ride (it was a little over 2 hours long) but they did have some entertainment for us like a lady coming and playing songs on an accordion and singing and on the way back a guy sang with his guitar. They had a fake robbery with the Cowboys-their was a little skit/show they put on before we got on the train and the Cowboys needed money for breakfast. When we got to the Grand Canyon we just walked the trail along the rim and had lunch and ice cream. Gods creations are quite amazing! It was Jesses first time seeing the Grand Canyon but I really want to take him to Havasupai Falls or somewhere else and hike in the Grand Canyon (of course without the kids)
The next morning we went swimming for a bit then went to Bearizona-which is a drive through zoo type place that has different animals to see close up like bears, sheep, wolves, deer, etc. Then you can go walk around and see more bears, foxes, porcupines, otters, jaguar etc and they have a little farm area that you can go in with the chickens, ducks, and goats. They boys fed the otters fish and we watched a bird show where they flew literally right over your head-the wing even hit my head a little bit.
I thought it was s fun little get-a-away and see new things. Going on trips is not always easy with kids but I definitely think it's always worth it to make memories! I feel like if I don't tough it out then I'll always be waiting till it will be an easier or better stage of life to do things-so as long as it's safe and possible I like to get out as much as we can. And the fact that Corbin starts preschool I feel like that's just the beginning of our freedom of doing whatever we want whenever we want being taken away. (I mean with Jesse working that makes it hard to do family vacations but doesn't stop me from taking the kids places if he says it's ok (; )