Thursday, November 29, 2012

My baby is 6 months

Corbin is now 6 months old! And I have decided I just LOVE babies! I love being with him everyday!
His personality is developing more and more. He can be quite the silly boy! Corbin has become even more vocal lately. He makes many different funny sounds and even does a fake cough thing. Not quite sure what I think about really him screaming which recently started happening.

He can entertain himself for a while -with his toys and own body-he has found his toes and tries to suck them. I am enjoying that he distract himself a bit when I try and get a few things done..even though getting everything moved in and organized is slowing happening because he still loves to be held or at least likes you right by him. But those things can wait because I love playing with my little bud!

He loves being around people but I have noticed that he can be a little bashful at times. He smiles then looks away and puts in head in my shoulder then looks back-I think its cute. I did jokingly ask my mom if the way he acts when he is tired or hungry (basically when he is freaking out) reflects how he is when he is older..she laughed at me because of course that is just how babies are. I think he takes after me and needs his sleep or else he is not the happiest little boy. He just would rather play then sleep. But he is a smiley boy for the most part and Daddy can make him giggle the best!

 I think he might be going through a 6 month growth spurt right now-or at least I am hoping that is what it is because this last week there have been 2 nights when he is up every 2 hours! no teeth showing through yet so I am going to blame my tiredness on a growth spurt-I was hoping he grew an inch or so over night because he sure needed it...he's a short one!

 Lots of people keep asking me if he is teething because he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth but from basically day one he has always loved sucking/gnawing/chewing on anything he can get his hands on. So we will see if one pops through soon but I wouldn't be too sad or disappointed if not-the later the better! He reaches and grabs anything that is around him-I have caught his with a few things in his mouth that probably should not be....oops.

He loves eating..I swear he could eat all day if I offered it to him.  (I think he gets that from both daddy and mommy...) He is going to chunk right up when he can eat as much as he wants... He has tried rice cereal and avocado so far. I thought I should probably wait to try anything else till his 6 month appt-Doctor said he can wait till 6 months for solids but I have been anxious to try just a little bit out because I think he has been ready-and I was hoping it would help him sleep better but I later read that is a myth...bummer because sadly to say this boy still wakes up twice to feed at night!! He does go to bed around 6:30 and wakes up usually around 6:30-7:30. I am hoping to break that habit of eating during the night but we have tried and failed and it makes it more miserable for all of I am not quite sure what to do. He usually takes about 3 small naps a day, he can't be awake much longer than 2 hours. When we are home I feel like I have a good handle on everything but when we go out he fights sleep and gets a little messed up. But I think we both enjoy getting out! :)

Well we now went to his 6 month appt because this is taking me forever to right this update on Corbin..and trying to find the camera and cords in the middle of moving..
His 6 months stats are: Height 25 inch which makes him in the whoppin 7%, weight 16.1 21%, head circumference 17.7 in 82%...still has a big head. So I really don't have that chubby of a baby but due to his short stature his body his compressed and makes him appear larger than he really is...hmm when you have two parents with slightly the same probablem he was only doomed to turn out that way....sorry buddy!....or maybe it is just his big head??..

But as everyone always says-I cant believe my baby boy is growing so much! I think he is getting so smart already too! (takes after his Dad! (: ) Sure do love being this boys mom!
cheesy grin
his purple bumbo
this boy loves his daddy
smiley boy
might not be chunky according to his weight ..but sure looks like it
loves grabbing his toes
cousin buds
6 months old!

Monday, November 12, 2012

No More Rent!!

Today is the day we signed the papers. (or our life away) We are officially homeowners! :)
We are so happy and feel so blessed!
Now on to packing and unpacking and organizing and decorating...
and of course just enjoying our very own first home!
NO MORE RENTING!! :) ...but as my sister said now we are a loan payer!
Here are just a few of some luxurious things we are looking forward to...
-Our money actually going towards an investment..and not having to worry about a landlord.
-Privacy of your own home!
-A Backyard!
-A GARAGE! no more scraping off my car or running to my car in the snow or rain!
-No smoke alarm right outside of our bathroom that I can't tell you how many times has gone off because I forget to shut the door!...
-And a fan that works in the bathroom-ours as been out for at least the last month. Which doesn't help with the problem above.
-A husband that enjoys projects and working on when something needs fixin' it will be fixed much quicker!
-A dishwasher that doesn't randomly jam up so I can't start it..but just having a dishwasher is nice.
-Having nice flooring-no nasty carpet or laminate floors that needed to be replaced years ago.
...and the list will continue!..
Been looking forward to this day for a while now..can't wait to make this house our home! :)

Friday, November 2, 2012


We didn't do a whole lot this year for Halloween but one of my favorite things is carving pumpkins and I will never skip out on that! When I went to go buy Jesse a pumpkin to carve he told me to go buy the ugliest looking one that no one else would I searched and there wasn't that many ugly pumpkins but I think the wart looking pumpkins are pretty ugly so I bought him one of those. Well come to find out they are as hard as steel! way he was going to be able to even poke a hole into that ugly pumpkin. But I enjoyed carving mine! :) (just forgot to take a picture until it starting molding a bit!)
And can you believe this was a year ago??...
My little skeleton has grown so much!
But he is even cuter as a little santa!
oh and I almost forgot about Jesse's costume!...He is already getting too excited for the Monday Night 49er's game this month..I'm such a nice wife to let him go! ha! :)

p.s. two weeks till we move!! :) yah! excited...but not for the packing and unpacking part-I feel like I just got finished doing that!!