Friday, November 2, 2012


We didn't do a whole lot this year for Halloween but one of my favorite things is carving pumpkins and I will never skip out on that! When I went to go buy Jesse a pumpkin to carve he told me to go buy the ugliest looking one that no one else would I searched and there wasn't that many ugly pumpkins but I think the wart looking pumpkins are pretty ugly so I bought him one of those. Well come to find out they are as hard as steel! way he was going to be able to even poke a hole into that ugly pumpkin. But I enjoyed carving mine! :) (just forgot to take a picture until it starting molding a bit!)
And can you believe this was a year ago??...
My little skeleton has grown so much!
But he is even cuter as a little santa!
oh and I almost forgot about Jesse's costume!...He is already getting too excited for the Monday Night 49er's game this month..I'm such a nice wife to let him go! ha! :)

p.s. two weeks till we move!! :) yah! excited...but not for the packing and unpacking part-I feel like I just got finished doing that!!

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  1. the santa costume kills me... that is so adorable! good luck with moving!