Saturday, October 27, 2012

5 months

My baby is just a growing! And we sure are enjoying him! He is getting quite the fun personality and I love being with him all day! (..even though it can be exhausting sometimes of course and a small break is nice every once in a while) And lately I have been thinking a lot about how blessed and grateful I am to be able to have the opportunity to stay home with Corbin. I am beginning to find out a lot of Moms have to (or maybe choose to) go back to work. A lot of people have ask me when I am going to go back to work...and I am in no rush. I only get to raise my baby boy once and I love spending every day with him! I am so grateful that Jesse supports me staying home with him and takes care of our little family!
A little about Corbin Lately:

He is rolling over like a champ! back and forth anytime I lay him down.

He sleeps on his belly now which the first time I walked in and saw him on his belly it kind of freaked me out and I rolled him back over..then he just rolled right back over to his belly. He doesn't really like to lay on his back so much a belly sleeper he is! He is still not the best sleeper but slowly improving (I hope). At night I sometimes have to let him cry himself back to sleep because he wakes up a few hours after he falls asleep but I think we are just about there where he might not wake up at that time anymore I'm hoping (crossing my fingers). But I still have to feed him once during the night. He is not quite on a consistent schedule yet. He goes to bed usually between 7:30-8:30 and wakes up around 7ish-plus or minus an hour. Jesse will get up with him in the mornings and he will just sit and watch Jesse get ready for work which is nice so I can lay in bed a little longer. I am trying to make him nap longer than his 40 minute naps..which is a hit and miss. Hope for the best while I am training him! He is a very light sleeper.

His hair is falling out and thinning out. Like an old man's quite sad. :( He is sportin the come-over right now. I love his hair so hopefully it grows back in fast! And I wonder what color it will grow back?..

He eats much faster now and still surprises me that we are done that quickly.

He loves to have something in his mouth chewing or sucking. He sleeves tend to be wet now.

He is a smiley boy as long as he is not hungry or tired. But he also has some pretty funny face expressions-I guess thats been basically from birth though.

He is ticklish on his belly and thighs and thinks its funny when I lift his legs to his head..I love his giggles and little smirks! I have to distract him while getting dressed-he doesn't really like putting clothes on.

He jabbers/grunts (I don't know what to call it) himself to sleep if I am holding him. Thats how I know he is really tired now. And he has also been doing this fake cough thing lately.

He of course loves to be held. He will sit in his rocker/bumbo or play on the floor but not for too long till he just wants to be held again.

His coordination is improving and its fun to watch him play with things in his hands. And he just recently found his feet and likes to grab his toes. Which this also means if my hair is within reach it is being pulled and tugged on. (ouchy)

He loves to be outside! If he is crying it usually will calm him down. We go on walks a lot but they might be coming to an end with the cold weather or I guess less frequent :( On his 5 month birthday he experience his first snow!

Now for picture dump of this last month! I could kiss this boy all day long!
Oct 1-This is what I got when I said "say cheese"!
Hanging out with Grandpa Blaine
Oct 2-Cute little bum...still lovin bath time!
Oct 3-Zonked out!
Oct 8-Chubby boy
Oct 9-Look at that precious face!
Oct 10-My nerdy child
Oct 14-My handsome boy
I had to add a little caption to this photo!
First time in a swing
Oct 15-hanging out with Dad
Oct 16-Being silly with that tongue
Oct 17-looking skinnier in this photo..don't let it fool ya.
Oct 21-gave that face for every picture..
Oct 22-Meeting his new bud Linc
Playing with his toys..still need to buy more.
Oct 23-This is how he sleeps now.
Oct 24-My Chunky Monkey!
Snow suit a bit too big right now...and he couldn't stop looking at that snow!
This shows his enthusiasm for taking his 5 month picture...
And then I get a goofy smile...Happy 5 months!

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