Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Outings

The yearly golf castaway tournament was this last week. We are lucky that the Smith's like us enough to keep inviting us! :) This year Corbin had to come with us, which I was quite nervous about because 1. Babies are usually not allowed on golf courses so I didn't know what they were going to think about it. and 2. Corbin was going to be hungry half way through... but I got really lucky and he fell back to sleep on the 3rd hole thanks to Dave Smith who insisted on giving up his cart and walking Corbin in his stroller the whole 9 holes! We had a great time! We were lucky with the weather and it was beautiful up there! And I must say Jesse is becoming quite the golfer for only golfing a couple times a year!
For FHE with the Jensen's we went out to Black Island Farms way out west in Syracuse! ha. Quite the happenin' place there. It's a fun place for the family. We didn't do the whole corn maze stuff but just hung out in what they call the court yard and played around there.

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