Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trying to be domestic?

Title says it all. This past little while I have had a desire to be a little more domestic...if thats what you can call it? Being home with Cobin makes me feel like I need to take on that wifey/mother role of homemaking things!... I think it started after we canned salsa and spaghetti sauce and I had a ton of tomatoes left over and had to make stuff with them- I didn't just waste so many tomatoes. (I have always had a hard time wasting food)  Or maybe its just because its fall and there are so many yummy things to make and bake! :)
My bakin buddy....Too bad he can't enjoy the food quite yet.
and a lot of the time I have to be holding him-Thank goodness for carriers!
One day Corbin and I were out for a walk and he fell asleep so when I got back to our apartment I didn't want to move him in hopes that he would sleep longer and I could have some "me" time. So I kept him outside in the stroller sleeping-it was a nice day outside-and I sat in the kitchen with the door open. He ended up having one of his longest naps in his life which was a little over 2 hours! (he usually takes 30-40 minute naps) I was stuck in the kitchen because I couldn't leave him which ended up being a good thing because I was able to make homemade whole wheat bread/rolls and homemade applesauce. Which I must say both ended up delicious. :)
During conference on Saturday my Mom and I made some Halloween decor. My Mom had the idea to make these cute monsters. She did most the sewing-someday I might be able to sew a little better but for now a straight line is hard for me to do. I have many sewing projects in mind but don't have the confidence to do them.
We have a big apple tree in our backyard and a lot of the apples have fallen to the ground but there was still a ton on the tree so I decided to make some more applesauce and dehydrated apples. And boy did our apartment smell good! And since I had plenty of applesauce I had to make applesauce cookies! and I canned a couple bottles as well so enjoy later.
Hopefully I can continue on this being domestic/homemaking kick....especially if we move into a house-which might just happen in the next month or so!! :) Lets hope it all works out!...

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  1. Marissa! I am so SO impressed! You are a domestic goddess. So proud! and I literally cannot get enough of Corbin... every picture of him kills me. Keep them coming!