Saturday, September 29, 2012

4 months

4 months! crazy! I think I can say overall he is a happier baby and we are doing much better! I feel like at around 15 weeks he started improving all around. And Im lovin it! Of course he still has his bad days and moments because he is a baby...
His 4 months stats: height 24 inches 19%, weight 15 lbs 52%, head 17 inches 81%. So he might just be a short baby with a big head! But I'll take it cause I sure think he is cute! I also think that his big head and short body make him look a little chubbier...and of course when his neck disappears and double chin comes out! Gotta love a chubby baby! :)
He is sleeping much better which of course is wonderful! At 16 weeks he started sleeping around 8-9 hours and usually would eat and then go back to bed for another hour or so. (but of course is up early) His naps are still inconsistent, somedays he does really well but most the time he sleeps 30 minutes. And when I say 30 minutes, it is right on the minute...its crazy! But this past week he got a little cold-I got it first then Jesse and I think he had/has it as well. His better sleeping went to every 4 hours or so again and one night he woke up every 3 hours-not too fun! I am hoping the set back of sleeping has been because he hasn't felt the best and it will go right back to his longer hours of sleeping at night.
He smiles all the time! and I absolutely love when he laughs! The first time Jesse heard him laugh was one morning while I was still in bed half awake and Jesse was hanging out and playing with Corbin before he went to work. Jesse yelled for me from the other room to make sure I heard his cute little laugh as well! I just love his little giggles! Hope they become more frequent! He can also go from smiling to crying in a split second-wont ever understand that.
I am still bad at doing tummy time because every time I do it he just spits up all over but he has rolled over to his back quite a few times but he is not consistent at it. I don't think the spit up will end anytime soon we both still will have it all over our clothes. My mom once thought I just had flour all over me... 
He can now entertain himself for a while which is nice so I can get a few things done while he lays on the ground. He also sits in his bumbo now and I think likes to change it up from his rocker. I finally got him a few little toys because he has started to grab and hold onto things and of course stick them in his mouth! especially my hair-I have thought about cutting it not only because he's always grabbing it but also because its falling out like crazy and its gross! He has become quite the chatter box and I love hearing him just talk away! It's the cutest thing. Can't tell you how much I love this little boy!
pictures from the last month.
There is something about a baby in there jammies that I love...
I think it is the cutest thing that he sucks him thumb all the time!
He is officially sleeping only in the crib, even though these pictures are all in the bassinet.
His poor hair-he has been rubbing it off in the back.
Big boy shoes on.
He has his tongue out a lot.

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  1. Just wanted to say we think he is so cute!! Chubby babies are so kissable!