Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 months

Corbin was 3 months on August 25th...I am a little behind. It has gone by fast but also kind of long. I guess I will finally admit (even though I do not want to) that Corbin has not been the easiest baby so far. He is definitely helping me learn and grow. Wish someone would have given me more of a warning for what to expect! ha- I just have to keep reminding myself that Heavenly Father only gives me what I can handle...even if it's very challenging sometimes, I can do it! I sure do love my little Corbin so I don't want to come off negative about him. 
I think being a first time Mom is a challenging thing but also a wonderful thing. But I just can't be one of those moms that can say...I have such a good easy baby or he sleeps so well..etc. I wish I could. :) I feel that is what you hear from a lot people and it makes me feel like I am the only one who is struggling sometimes. I also tend to feel like everything is my fault and I am a failure of a mom..I worry too much that I am doing something wrong or I need to be doing something better. I know it is silly and I shouldn't but it's hard not to take the blame when you are taking care of this little child. These are some of the challenges we have had so far that I am learning and growing from...I think I need to remember them for journaling purposes to remind myself (and others) that its OK and normal for babies to be challenging but I can do it! (once again I am not trying to just look at the negative...)
  • He had a horrible diaper rash right after he was born that I worried too much about. (which I think was from the antibiotic I had to take and I made myself feel bad that it was my fault-silly of me) 
  • Breast feeding was stressful from the beginning wondering if he is getting enough or if something I eat bothers him. (which again then blamed myself if he was unhappy...silly)
  • A baby with reflux and not knowing what's wrong is hard and sad to see. I wrote a list down to let the doctor know how he was acting which consisted of: Squirming, uncomfortable, gagging/choking, waking up crying/crying in sleep, spits up while eating and continues till next feeding, stiff/arching of back, sleeps poorly, etc. (This list makes me sad to think about how he used to always be) 
  • The first 6 weeks of his life I was up every 2 hours around the clock to feed and he was taking a good 40 minutes-that is hard especially since I have always been one that needs my sleep.
  • He got a temperature from his 2 months shots and had to get a bunch of testing done to make sure nothing else caused him to have the temperature-which seeing him getting all those test done was sad and hard. catheterized at 2 months....I don't think anyone wants that.
  • He still struggles with taking naps...he is good with 30 minute cat naps he thinks..but then can be quite the grumpy boy. I am really hoping he will get better. It makes it near impossible to "sleep when the baby sleeps" I think I might be tired the rest of my life...but it's worth it!
Anyways, basically its just hard to see your baby unhappy. You want them to be happy and content and I have to remind myself that its not possible for them to be all the time! And I will gladly take these struggles I have had over many other worse things. I am grateful to have a healthy baby boy! And a very cute one I will add.. :) I love being his mommy! It's crazy how your priorities in life completely change and you care so much about your child and want them to be happy!

Corbin is growing fast! (Surprise!) It was hard for me to put all the clothes he is growing out of away. It is so fun to start seeing him do cute little things now. I love the funny faces he gives me and a few people have even said he has a cute sad face...and I must say it is cute but heartbreaking he basically can get whatever he wants when he gives it to me...ha! I love getting him to smile! I found out one day as I was eating a sandwich that it made him smile every time I took a bite so now we just make chomping faces at him and he smiles away! He sucks his thumb but struggles getting it in his mouth sometimes...he has woken up with a few scratches on his face!...He definitely loves to eat as you can tell! I swear he could be either eating or sucking on his binky or thumb all day long...he always wants something in his mouth. And I still think he looks so sweet when he sleeps! I think I always will.

And of course a bunch of random pictures the last little while!
July 28-hanging out in our pjs!
August 6-A little tummy time
August 7-nakey time after a bath
August 10-faces
August 11-watching mama get ready
August 14-happy day
August 15-sucking on his fingers...all the time!
August 17-attempting to take a nap in the crib...didn't last long.
august 21-sucking his thumb and nappin in swing
August 22-caught him saying a prayer
August 23-ready to hang out by the pool
August 25-three months old!


  1. He is seriously the cutest Marissa! And you are not alone... it is just stressful to have a newborn. Of course they are so sweet and cute, but it's hard work. Just think... it will only get better!

  2. Cannot believe how big he is! You are a strong mama. Its so sad to see your baby not happy, i hate it! I remember blaming myself for silly things too! It really does get better when those tummy issues go away, then again ive realized every stage has its challenges!