Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor day weekend we started it out early and went up to a Cabin in Eden Wednesday night. We won a two night stay at a nice cabin from the Of Love tennis tournament last year that the Bullard's put on every year now. (And I might add that we did manage to get lasix for Jesse this year from the same tournament...that story is for another time.)
Anyways my Mom, brother Matt and Jesse and I went up late Wednesday night and just hung out and relax and watched a movie. Jesse got up early Thursday morning and did 18 holes of golf with his buddies at the golf course up there.
 My sister Courtney and nephew Max came down and we all headed to Pineview Lake and hung out at the beach and jet skied a bit! I finally decided to put Corbin in his swim suit and now its a bit tight around his chubby belly. I still have not taken him swimming yet but no rush I wasn't going to get him in the cold dirty water.. Maybe next summer now if we don't swim again. Corbin wasn't a huge fan of the beach after a while but I think it was because he was not taking naps very well and he was tired--always fighting his naps! But we still had a good time!
We went back to the cabin and made dinner and then started watching the BYU game...I didn't even last the 1st quarter-I will sleep whenever I can especially if someone else is taking care of Corbin-I fell asleep before he did! :)
 Friday we went back to the lake and some of Jesse's family met us there and we hung out at the beach and did a little jet skiing and boating! I was pretty exhausted after tubing! Shows that I am a little out of shape still. I love boating though! :)
Saturday my sister Candace had a race up by Utah State so I went up there with my sisters and mom and watched her, went out to lunch, then canned the rest of the day! We had a lot of tomatoes! We made spaghetti sauce and salsa for about 7 hours! And we still had a bunch of tomatoes left over so I have been slowly making more and made some tomato soup to freeze....and still have more tomatoes!
It was a good weekend! :)

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