Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It was Jesse's Birthday on the 28th of August. He turned 27...crazy weird. He had to work...big boy job-can't get work off for your birthday. We were at least able to spend the evening and night together. We went shopping for a bit then went out to eat with (my sister) Brooke and Eria. Brooke's birthday is on the 28th as well! We came home late and had some chocolate cake. Felt bad that we couldn't celebrate more...but next year for his Golden Birthday hopefully we will be able to do a little more! But I don't know if I will be able to top his gift! Those glasses in the picture below are going to be gone sometime this winter cause Jesse is gettin lasix! :) 

So I mention that we got it from the Of Love Tennis Tournament...we didn't quite win it, but a 18 year old boy did. I joked with Jesse after that he should go tell the kid he will buy it from him. He of course thought that was silly. But being the person I am (which sometimes I think I embarrass Jesse) I decided I might as well go ask him jokingly and see was he says. So I went up to him and said "Hey, my husband will buy the lasix from you...ha ha" and he immediately said "ok!" and I was like are you serious....so we walked over to Jesse and we didn't have any money on us or a check at the time. He then offered to just give it to us because he had no use for it. We felt way too bad just taking it. He gave us his number and Jesse met up with him and gave him $300 for it....I don't think the kid knew how much it was actually worth to be honest but $300 was better to him then a certificate to get lasix...which is worth $4400!! We were actually planning on putting money towards lasix for Jesse for his birthday this year, because he is going blind! It worked out quite well! So sometimes it's a good thing that I do embarrassing things... :) Thank you kind kid...I don't even know his name. And Thank you Ardene Bullard for the Tennis Tournament! We are very grateful!
Corbin might have eaten daddy's birthday donuts right before the picture on the left....wow

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  1. Happy Late birthday Jesse if I didn't already tell you somewhere/fb or something...I love the bottom pic of Corbin on the left and your donut comment - pretty funny~ :)