Friday, February 25, 2011


3rd time in my life getting pulled over yesterday. 
I was's one of the roads that are very hard to go 25 mph on.
Thank You police man for just giving me a verbal warning!
My last ticket cost me nearly $300! But it was Jesse's fault! ;)
How long do tickets stay on your record?
Yes I will pay more attention to how fast I am driving.
I feel like I really have seen a lot of cops out lately,
and a lot of people being pulled over.
Be careful!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Night Away

Last night was our first night away from each other since we have married...and I did not like it. :(

Two reason what made it even harder and worse to spend the night away from each other:

1. It had to follow the day after Valentine's Day.

We had a wonderful day! After a long day at school and work Jesse surprised me with making reservations for dinner to Market Street Grill, had flowers for me-he had the same florist that did our flowers for our wedding make a beautiful bouquet-a thought that was neat-, and he made chocolate covered strawberries for me (delicious!) He made me feel like a Queen! :)
2. I had to spend two days up in Evanston, Wyoming at the State Psych hospital!

From the moment I got on the hospital grounds I just had a creepy/eery feeling.
The old buildings and unique staff did not help that.
I spent the two days basically hanging out with all the psych patients, going to their groups with them and just learning about their lives and "trials" (best word I think I can use for it right now) they have to go through. quite sad. It definitely makes you grateful for your life and health-never take that for granted! 

I am definitely happy to be home and able to sleep in our home with Jesse tonight! I hope we don't have to spend too many more nights away from each other. I know a lot of married couples can say they have spent countless night away from each other-but I hope it does not have to be that way. I enjoy and appreciate being with Jesse at night!..and all the time! :) Did I ever mention being married is the best!? :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This last Saturday Jesse and I can admit we were bored and didn't know what to do.

I am not a creative or crafty person-I could always rely on my sisters or someone else.

(and their is probably a good reason why)

I attempted to make a valentines day craft. 

I would say it looks quite cheesy.

But it my first attempt to do a craft alone-(without someone making me)
I have been wanting something to hang my necklaces on for a while 
-because I hate when they get all tangled up-

So while I did my lovely craft, Jesse decided to be the handy man and make this for me!
Drilled holes, glued it together, and painted it!
(cost about $3)
But I must say Jesse's tie collection looks even better!
( and thats not even all of them)
Yes, He loves ties! and he sure does look good in all of them!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

National Carrot Cake Day

Yes, February 3 is National Carrot Cake day! 

And I decided to celebrate it! And I am pretty sure Jesse didn't mind! Or my Mom and sister 

who came over to enjoy the cake!

-Well anything I can find to distract me from studying for a test...I can do assignments for school but when it comes to studying for test I have THE hardest time!-

Go ahead, go google it! National Carrot Cake day.

Today is the starting of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit as well.

Carrot cake of course has carrots in it which are good for you...I just wish that made the cake healthy.

So maybe its not a huge holiday but its a good reason to celebrate something today!
I wanted to decorate it a little bit to make it look nice.
When Jesse came home I told him I wish I could of made cool carrots. Thanks to Jesse and his artistic skills (and maybe his love for watching the food channel) he did the carrots to make the cake look even better! :)

Tomorrow I am hoping to make homemade soup. Yes tomorrow is National homemade soup day! (Trust me I won't keep this up, its just fun for now.)