Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Night Away

Last night was our first night away from each other since we have married...and I did not like it. :(

Two reason what made it even harder and worse to spend the night away from each other:

1. It had to follow the day after Valentine's Day.

We had a wonderful day! After a long day at school and work Jesse surprised me with making reservations for dinner to Market Street Grill, had flowers for me-he had the same florist that did our flowers for our wedding make a beautiful bouquet-a thought that was neat-, and he made chocolate covered strawberries for me (delicious!) He made me feel like a Queen! :)
2. I had to spend two days up in Evanston, Wyoming at the State Psych hospital!

From the moment I got on the hospital grounds I just had a creepy/eery feeling.
The old buildings and unique staff did not help that.
I spent the two days basically hanging out with all the psych patients, going to their groups with them and just learning about their lives and "trials" (best word I think I can use for it right now) they have to go through. quite sad. It definitely makes you grateful for your life and health-never take that for granted! 

I am definitely happy to be home and able to sleep in our home with Jesse tonight! I hope we don't have to spend too many more nights away from each other. I know a lot of married couples can say they have spent countless night away from each other-but I hope it does not have to be that way. I enjoy and appreciate being with Jesse at night!..and all the time! :) Did I ever mention being married is the best!? :)

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