Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A 16 month and his favorite things.

His favorite toy is his car that he rides in. He loves going on walks around the block. Now thats its cooled down its not so bad...we need to enjoy this weather before it gets too cold and we can't go on walks and to the park. He loves to play with cars around the house too. He will just push one around saying "vrooooom"-I think its quite cute. and of course I love when he can actually play by himself for a bit.
Favorite food is probably still grapes. He loves those things and eats probably way too many...its the easy go to food-at least its a fruit and not just crackers I have to tell myself. But this kids knows any treat, its crazy how he has never seen something in his life but knows its sugar somehow and wants it! I feel like we are eating all day long..just begging at the fridge. But I am figuring out its probably cause he eats so much fruit he digests so quickly plus his speedy metabolism just makes for a hungry boy all the time.
He loves to make a mess. Seriously I think he purposely does sometimes. haha I don't know how people keep up with their children sometimes...I only have one and I feel like I am just cleaning up one mess while he makes another and I can't quite get caught up. Just yesterday after a messy breakfast and I put new clothes on him...we go out for a walk and he happens to find mud and starts to play in it a bit and then slips..all over his hands, some of his shirt, down his pants and of course his shoes were covered it in...not a huge deal though but I did decided to keep him just in a diaper the rest of the day. Lunch time comes and it was a of those time where food is everywhere and he is absolutely a mess so of course we have to take a bath. Now this next one..I guess I can say shame on me because he thought it was quite funny to force a couple farts out and see the bubbles...oh boys...well I left him in a little too long after and he poops all over in the tub-good thing we had a lot of toys in with us this time too ;) he literally just laughed at me as I was cleaning it up. oh silly boy!
He is also obsessed with shoes as I think I have mentioned before...we have shoes in every room of the house. Every day he has to get either his shoes or Jesse's or mine and play with them. First thing he does when he wakes up sometimes is opens the drawers with the shoes and starts taking them out and staking them on the chair or bed or takes them to other rooms. I usually let him because it distracts him enough that I can get some other things done. But that also means shoes everywhere...and lately I am having a hard time finding matches.
He also always has to take out the utensils out of the drawer and play with the big spoons or spatulas...I have now learned that I have to keep the pizza cutter and peeler in a different place...You would think I would have just bought a drawer stopper thing by now. One of those things you don't think about when your at the store. Another thing I really need to lock up are my spices...if he's in the kitchen he's into one of these two things...I find spices all around the house as well but mostly in random cupboards and drawers and even in the garbage..
He still absolutely loves is Daddy. He gets so excited when he comes home but has to do something to show off when he walks through the door. He follows him around the house and wants to be by him constantly. Lately when Jesse has been picking him up he will just give him a big long hug. Sweetest thing. The other morning Jesse goes and gets him out of bed and a minute or so later I hear "Marissa are you witnessing this" I look into the room and Corbin just has his arms wrapped around him and just snuggling right up to him and he stayed like that for a good minute or so! He has done that to me a few times as well and its one of my favorite things to get a big hug from him!
Corbin loves to read books. He definitely has his favorite ones....that I can only read so many times than want to hide it! ha! He loves the ones with flaps or ones with animals. He is getting better with his animal noises. He is consistent with dog, cow, pig, horse, fish, frog, elephant for the most part. He doesn't say I whole lot..which the doctor said around 5 words at this age...those would be mom, dad, please, ball, shoes, grandma. Those are the words that he definitely knows he has said others but not baby-he knows what a baby is but also lifts up his shirt and says baby or when he sees any skin on Jesse or I he usually says baby..
well...I always say I am just going to write a few things that it ends up too long. oh well..I'll appreciate the documenting some day right? And if I don't get made fun of already for posting too many pictures on facebook or instagram here's a few extra! ;) (Its the way a document our life and remember things (: )

I sure love my silly, messy, entertaining little guy! :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013


As you grow up, and especially when you start your own family, you definitely realize how important family is and how much you appreciate them and the time you can spend with them. 
We had a little BBQ a couple sundays ago at the park with my Grandparents and Dad and siblings. We played some games, fed the ducks, and ran around and enjoyed each other! Too bad I didn't take any pictures of anyone else besides us...
He might have eaten more of the bread than actually given to the ducks..but at least Eli and Max fed the ducks.
He would have eaten this whole chocolate donut if I would have let him..he scarfed as much as he could before I took it away..
Jesse sister Megan had her sweet little baby Houston. Due to some complications they had to take him early at 34 weeks. He weighed 3 lbs 7 oz. He's a cute little thing with a head of hair. You can't really describe how small he really is. He will be in the NICU for a while but he is doing well. They were very blessed with how things turned out.
We went and hung out with Grandpa and Grandma Haws one night. It was so cute when Corbin would run away from me and run to Grandpa and hug him..he then got up on his lap and just laid there looking up at him for while.
Just this past Thursday I wanted to go on a hike with all 3 of us since we really haven't had time to this summer. We love hiking. I figured since the weather is cooling off it would be was actually quite chilly once you got up in the trees. I wanted to go up to the waterfalls but we just made it to the smaller one..its a lot harder when you have to carry an almost 16 month old. I wore my boys out by the time we were done! ;)
"hi mom..."
Felt bad that he was so exhausted but at least he wasn't screaming..

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Utah State Fair

The Utah State Fair came and past quickly. Jesse has been working so much lately that I am glad we were able to go! We went on a Friday night for Jesse's friends, Todd, birthday. We went with him and Tricia, Matt and Jesse, and Kenny and Raisa. We were pretty excited to go since we had so much fun last year. We spent a lot of our time just chatting and looking for good food ( that later made me sick on my 12 mile run...ugh. haha) I think as Corbin gets older he will enjoy it even more. They had this cute kid walk where they learned about farming stuff.
That Turkey leg was huge.
had to treat ourselves to a fresh lemonade. :)
And we actually didn't end up getting a famous funnel cake..I got a Belgium waffle with homemade fudge which was delightful and Jesse got a cheesecake filled scone-which was also good but could also kill ya. ha
Planting seeds
riding the tractor
Gathering eggs from the chickens
Measuring himself...I don't remember what though. ha
He thought looking through the heads was the funniest thing. He could have probably been happy at this all night!?
Trying to take a little family picture and Corbin could not keep his eyes off of the monster truck ride. Gave up on the idea of a picture right here and decided he should try to ride it.
He was not even close to how tall you are suppose to be to be able to ride it and Tate wasn't either but the worker ended up letting them ride it once he said. Corbin got a little scared I think when he went over the crazy bumps and it was so cute when Tate put his arm around him and tried to comfort him. haha
I figured we should try the merry-go-round since he has done that before and loved it...
nope...after a couple times around he made Jesse just hold him. (and Jesse just got sick ha!) But I think he was so tired at this point since it was past his bedtime.
He loved going to look at the animals and officially started saying "moo" for a cow.
And he now can say "baaa" for a sheep. Slowly actually starting to say the animal sounds. I read animals books to him all day long I feel like he should know them all by now. haha
Another successful year at the fair...Corbin was definitely exhausted at the end of the night.
It would have been nice to go another day if it didn't add up so quickly and make a fair day so dang expensive. ha!