Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My buddy!

I have been wanting to do a little update on Corbin lately because he is at such a fun stage right now! (and he is my life and there is not a whole lot going on around here right now) Since about 18 months (he is 20 months now) I feel like this could be my favorite stage. I'm loving it for the most part, He is such a goofy funny boy and entertains me daily! I just wish sometimes others could enjoy it with me and appreciate how funny he can be! ha! ;) He does have his days-or even weeks where is seems to be throwing more fits and getting frustrated quite easily…but thankfully his cuteness helps me not want to strangle myself! ;)
He is starting to talk a lot more-which a lot of people told me around 19 months or so it starts to pick up fast. Its definitely hard to understand him still but these past few weeks he has started to copy what I saw more. And I think it will only be more in these next months. He definitely knows the word "No" and has his opinion about things now! ha! (I think this might be apart of his frustration though-because he thinks he can communicate a lot more than he actually can.) He does seem like he is getting so smart though the more he can talk and communicate. I love seeing him learn!
He has his few things that he is very obsessed with-the biggest one is probably CARS! He is definitely a boy when it comes to loving cars! We always have at least a few in the diaper bag wherever we go. Anywhere we go to play, or anyones house we go to, he finds the cars first! (or the kitchen ;) ) He loves lining them up on the couch and they can entertain him for quite some time. Our house basically just has cars, trucks, tractors all around it. He also LOVES the movie cars…and would have it on all day long if I would let him-I don't like him watching much tv….well we don't have tv but I mean movies I guess. But he can now sit down and basically watch the whole movie-but not any other one-just Cars! At Grandpa and Grandpa Jensens its Mickey Mouse though-he knows its recorded there!
And he's a little obsessed with buses and trucks so whenever he sees one he yells "bus! Bus!" Or "truck!" And whenever he hears a plane he stops and looks for it and says "plane..?"
He loves to be outside and thankfully the weather has been decent as far as no snow and some sunshine but its still cold! He could probably play outside all day if I didn't get so cold. I swear it doesn't even effect him. And he still loves to go on walks in his car-sad day when he's too big for it! ;)
He LOVES blueberries and would only eat them probably…ok that and cheese. And most fruits. Loves apples. Ok he actually loves to just eat. He loves food. (and what kid doesn't love sugar?-suckers and marshmallows are his go to when he sees any "candy") I feel like we are eating a lot of the day-but I am grateful he is a good eater though for the most part. He has learned how to stand up in his high chair which is annoying though...
He loves to read books still-its funny how he gets stuck on certain books and we read only those ones. Right now its Cars, Mickey Mouse, Apples up on top-Dr Suess book. I feel like I could read those ones now with my eyes closed. (but they will be different ones in a month from now)
He now loves to play with friends-well sometimes he not so good at actually playing with them but he loves to go to there house and play with there toys at least. ha! No, he actually is starting to play a little more with them as well. Its fun to see his excitement seeing his friends and ask for them.
Corbin actually is like me and is not a home body-we like to just get out! We struggle if we go day by day and not get out and do something! He can be easily entertained still so I don't feel like we have to go anywhere fancy-but just getting out and seeing people and exploring is what he likes. We were able to go to the zoo this morning real quick before the snow came. It was a free day and not a lot of the animals out but he loved just running around and being with his little friend Chase! We sure love getting out at going on walks with them and to there house a lot-thanks Hugo's! ;)
Corbin loves nursery! He never had a hard time with going and I don't think will-toys plus food and even bubbles! Can't go wrong there! I just hope he is ok for the leaders! ha! Its funny that by the end of sacrament meeting he is done being there and he will put all his toys away by himself back into the diaper bag and then hand me the diaper bag and basically say "ok lets go." When we walk out he runs straight to the nursery door!
I think I can say that he hasn't don't anything "naughty" yet…and I am hoping that he continues to be a sweet child that way. Sometimes I get busy doing something and I will realize I haven't seen him in 10 minutes or so and my first reaction is "oh shoot" but I usually find him in his room just playing with cars or his shoes minding his own business. I mean there are a few times where he has played with the toilet paper or something I guess-but of course out of curiosity. Its just nice for the most part I don't have to worry about him "getting into things". He can now climb on on most things…climb up on the chairs and get anything on the table or climb up on the toilet and go through anything within his reach. And he stands up on his toys and thinks he is pretty cool too sometimes... :S

Thursday, January 23, 2014

We are having another little boy!

Well I am just about 20 weeks now-half way there! I feel bad that I don't feel like I am/or will document this pregnancy as much as the last-but I am going to try to hopefully be better. But I feel like it seems pretty similar to last-so why write the same things. ha! We found out today we are having another little boy and I have very happy! I can honestly say I didn't care what I was having. When I first got pregnant I was hoping for a boy because when I wasn't feeling the best it just seemed overwhelming to have a girl and have to shop and get more stuff! It will be so nice that we will be able to (hopefully) use all the same stuff since there birthdays will be 2 weeks apart. Count my blessings with that one-I tried to plan it out that it would work out well if so..and it did! :) (Another boy in the same season of clothes) I am excited that Corbin and him can be little buddies! Corbin definitely loves to get out and be around other kids so I am hoping it will love having a little brother! When people asked me what I wanted, I was honest and said it would be nice to have another boy-but I tried to make it clear to everyone that I will be devastated if I never get a little girl! But that can be the 3rd or 4th..or whatever ;) Well it definitely feels more real now that I know the gender…now to come up with another boy name. I don't know why I think boy names are so hard-it will be interesting what we decide on! :)
I definitely feel like I am getting a lot bigger and I feel like this next couple weeks I will start growing fast. (at least I feel like I am out of the "you just look fat" stage-definitely a baby bump now right?! ha)
ok maybe not…but I will never be a cute small pregnant girl and I have come to that realization and accept it I guess.
If you can't see it...those are his two legs with "something" sticking out right in between! ;)