Thursday, January 23, 2014

We are having another little boy!

Well I am just about 20 weeks now-half way there! I feel bad that I don't feel like I am/or will document this pregnancy as much as the last-but I am going to try to hopefully be better. But I feel like it seems pretty similar to last-so why write the same things. ha! We found out today we are having another little boy and I have very happy! I can honestly say I didn't care what I was having. When I first got pregnant I was hoping for a boy because when I wasn't feeling the best it just seemed overwhelming to have a girl and have to shop and get more stuff! It will be so nice that we will be able to (hopefully) use all the same stuff since there birthdays will be 2 weeks apart. Count my blessings with that one-I tried to plan it out that it would work out well if so..and it did! :) (Another boy in the same season of clothes) I am excited that Corbin and him can be little buddies! Corbin definitely loves to get out and be around other kids so I am hoping it will love having a little brother! When people asked me what I wanted, I was honest and said it would be nice to have another boy-but I tried to make it clear to everyone that I will be devastated if I never get a little girl! But that can be the 3rd or 4th..or whatever ;) Well it definitely feels more real now that I know the gender…now to come up with another boy name. I don't know why I think boy names are so hard-it will be interesting what we decide on! :)
I definitely feel like I am getting a lot bigger and I feel like this next couple weeks I will start growing fast. (at least I feel like I am out of the "you just look fat" stage-definitely a baby bump now right?! ha)
ok maybe not…but I will never be a cute small pregnant girl and I have come to that realization and accept it I guess.
If you can't see it...those are his two legs with "something" sticking out right in between! ;)

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  1. You look so cute!! I'm seriously so thrilled for you guys. Leo and Thomas are best buds, brothers are so fun!