Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Christmas came and went by...it seemed quite fast this year. I guess it does every year. I love this time to spend with family...especially Jesse-He gets a little over a week off and its so great to have him home every day with us. Corbin took full advantage of it and smothered Jesse sometimes-and even sometimes didn't want me around him and Jesse. Ha! I have been putting doing a little post about the holidays though just because I don't really want to for some reason but I know its good to have! I need to be better about taking pictures at our "parties" but I tend to forget! We had a little party with my mom and siblings and did our 3 gift exchange and ate and played games! We had the Haw's party and got our gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and had the "white elephant" gifts. We had the Jensen party out in Plain City with Santa-Corbin defeinitely knows who Santa is and was even happy when he walked into the room but when he sat down on his lap he wasn't too sure what was going on and seemed a bit nervous and just wanted the gift, He definitely learned this year that a present means you up wrapped it and there is a toy inside. Christmas Eve we went out to lunch with the Jensen's then headed over to my Dad side Christmas party and then back to the Jensen's for a little gift exchange. We tend to go back and forth between family when we live close to everyone right now. Christmas was laid back-open a few gifts at home then spent the day with the family.
A few pictures from the around the holidays.
people sometimes wonder where Corbin gets his dimples...well there mine is coming out. ha!
We made sure to go see the lights...goodness it was cold.
Corbin unsure about his feelings towards sitting on Santa's lap.
Happy with the present though
Grandpa and Grandma Jensen
Corbin loved the PiƱata and didn't really want to do the whole "taking turns"
The little boys running around at Joy Luck...kinda felt bad for the other costumers.
Corbin helping me shuffle the driveway....can we be done with the snow now that the holidays are over?!..
Corbin loved wearing his santa hat.

Eating out for the holidays. First time to Texas de Brazil...quite tasty and not even comparable to those other brazilian places.
New years Eve...the most "partying" we did was just go out with our friends Todd and Tricia. I decided to spurge a bit and buy myself a pina colada....once Corbin had one taste he was not going to share or give it back...
My two silly boys cheesing it.
We are excited for this new year....I'm a little anxious to know what it will bring and where we will be...

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