Friday, December 13, 2013

Well the news is out!

Corbin is going to be one cool big brother! ( I snapped this picture at the hospital right after my appt yesterday-He wouldn't take off his sunglasses and wouldn't let go of the ultrasound pictures so I thought it would be a good time to try to take a photo of him-and it worked out great!)
Well...I couldn't keep it a secret from everyone else much family had to know basically right away. (I am not good at lying) If anyone asked they knew because I can't lie very well about it-and I didn't care too much at that point if people know. And if you have seen me lately you probably could have guessed because I have gain plenty of weight already...and not just baby weight. sadly. Thats just what happens when you feel like eat like crap. (just eating a bunch of carbs-love/hate relationship)
Man oh man we had some rough weeks around here! Sickness started at 6 weeks but wasn't too bad..then 7 weeks it got a little worse and by 8 weeks I wanted to die. But I am almost positive I got the flu or something else as well. I was so sick one day...thankfully it was a Saturday and I was rescued by my mother. I just cried from being in pain and exhausted. I was so so dizzy!! That was the first day I actually threw up as well. It takes a lot for me to throw up...but thats also what makes me feel like I had something else as well. And the fact that I woke up with the whole body achy and neck was extremely stiff and it was pregnancy sickness to another level. Most the time I lay around all day feeling nauseous but pretty sure I wont throw up...just have that awful feeling all day. The joy of pregnancy sickness...yeah I don't call it morning sickness when it is all day. I have definitely felt a lot of love from Jesse, my Mom, and other friends that have helped or check in on me. No need to keep pregnancy a secret when you are in survival mode some days. 
Hate to sound so negative about being pregnant when really I am very happy about it! I feel very blessed. We did have to try for a few months and I got that tiny tiny glimpse of what infertility could feel like...not comparing at all since I know people have to try for years and years and some still are not heart aches but I know Heavenly Father is in charge and has a plan for everyone. So to complain about being sick being pregnant, I feel like I am being ungrateful. I mostly document it for journaling purposes because I tend to forget and with my next I will probably say the same-that I don't remember being this sick and tired! ha!....and to of course remember the love I feel from others...and to hopefully be reminded to help others out if needed at that time in there lives. 
Thankfully around week 9-10 I started feeling better again. Still have rough days or moments but I was functional again! ha! I still had to eat just a sleeve of saltine crackers cause nothing else sounds good and I was starving. That I think might be one of the craziest symptoms to me because I have always loved food. Love to eat! But it sure changes there for a while. If I find something that sounds good or taste good (usually something not so healthy) then I don't have a problem eating. But it was mostly all the food in my house made me sick to think about. Makes feeding Corbin hard as well.
But I feel pretty good now for the most part! Can't complain at all now. I actually wrote most of this when I was about 10 weeks because if I would have written it right now I would not have sounded as dramatic about being sick because I haven't been lately and thankfully I kinda forget about it. But we are excited to have another baby join our crazy family-official due date June 14, 2014! :)

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